REVEALED: London’s Most & Least pet-friendly Boroughs

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When thinking about moving to a new location for all of us animal lovers it’s of course important to be able to rent a place that allows our animal companions to come with us! Hence why we thought this research of the London boroughs that offer rental properties that are and aren’t pet friendly is quite interesting.

Sadly it seems that dogs are still more popular in the UK than cats! We need to work on this! 😉

  • The most pet-friendly London borough is Kensington and Chelsea (153)
  • The least pet-friendly London borough is City of London (1)
  • The most popular pets in the UK are dogs with 26% of households owning one
  • Mice are the least owned pets in the UK (0.03%)

We’re a nation of pet lovers, and it’s of no surprise, a recent survey has suggested that more than a third of owners prefer their pets to their partners!

Figures from the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) show that in 2019, 40% of households in the UK own pets, which equates to a staggering 12 million households. But what do you do if you own a pet, and you’re in a position that you may never own your own home?

New statistics show that by 2025, more than 25% of UK households will be privately rented, as the prospect of owning a home becomes more of a distant dream. So, Brits are treating rental properties as a long-term solution to their living requirements, and therefore want what they could have in a home of their own.

Knowing just how much Brits love their pets, housing agents investigated which London boroughs are most welcoming of pets when renting a house.

Fast Homes extracted figures from Zoopla over the period of one month to assess just how many houses and flats per London borough allow pets.

The top 5 pet-friendly London boroughs are:

  • Kensington and Chelsea (153)
  • Lewisham (59)
  • Westminster (56)
  • Lambeth (49)
  • Wandsworth (44)

On the other hand, the five boroughs which are considered the least pet-friendly are:

  • Redbridge (5)
  • Barking and Dagenham (3)
  • Bexley (3)
  • Sutton (3)
  • City of London (1)

Which are the most popular pets in the UK?

But what are the most popular pets owned in the UK? analysed pet ownership trends in 2018 provided for by the PFMA to illustrate a breakdown of the most popular animals to cohabit with.

As expected, dogs (26%) and cats (18%) are the most conventional and popular choice of pets in British homes. There are approximately 9 million dogs in the UK, and 8 million cats. Figures from the year before, show a 2% increase for the percentage of households with dogs, whilst homes with cats rose by 1%.

The percentage of households with other pets include:

Rabbits (2%), Indoor birds (1%), Guinea Pigs (1%), Hamsters (1%), Tortoises and Turtles (0.8), Lizards (0.5%), Domestic fowl (0.4%), Snakes (0.4%), Horses and ponies (0.3%), Rats (0.2%), Ferrets (0.1%), Gerbils (0.1%), Insects (0.1%), Pigeons (0.04%), Frogs and Toads (0.04%), Mice (0.03%).

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9 thoughts on “REVEALED: London’s Most & Least pet-friendly Boroughs

  1. angloswiss says:

    I am or was a citizen of London and left in 1964. I was from what now is known as Tower Hamlets, a working class area. The houses I knew were old, slums if you like, and a cat was a necessity to keep the mice under cintrol. There were also many old ruins still standing from World War Two so my area is classed as second best pet friendly. That Kensington and Westminster are amongst the best does not surprise me. That would be the homes of the persians and Siamese and any other exclusive breeds where people can actually afford to pay the high rents. The City of London as the worst? Nooner actually lives there, there are no houses as living quarters, just offices, unless you count the Mansiin House where the Mayor of London is and I don’t think he has a cat.

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    • Marc-André says:

      LOL tell me about it! I was surprised by that area being so not pet friendly as it’s full of properties with gardens which is unusual for London…

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