Bean and the 4cats Knot

Bean and the 4cats Knot!

Written by Mel on behalf of Bean

Another 4cats toy I would strongly recommend.

Bean has so much fun with his 4cats Cuddly Knot toy. The size is perfect and of course the catnip is a winner.

I must say his colouring does look rather gorgeous with the bright red too!

The Cuddly Knot kept Bean entertained for a good while, and he does re-visit the toy (even though he has loads to choose from) at regular intervals.

He even came walking into our living room from the kitchen with the knot in his mouth, so he could play with it near us; something he has never done with any of his other toys before!

A great, affordable and lovely looking toy which Bean loves to grab hold of, cuddle, bite and carry in his mouth!

4cats Cuddly Knot

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7 thoughts on “Bean and the 4cats Knot

  1. helentastic67 says:

    So, I went to what I call the cracy cat lady show in Melbourne today. Way too many people and couldn’t see the kind of things I regularly see on your posts. Buy! I say……..bless……Cheers,H

  2. Alison B. Lavallee says:

    Bean and the knot-bag brightened a dreary Monday in New England, and the catnip looks like it Supercharged him! Thanks for the great cat-toy tips and truly funny-trippy catnip Bean pics. What a cutie! Thanks for the laugh, I needed one badly. Katzenworld-ers, you NEVER disappoint!

    • Marc-André says:

      Glad we brought a little bit of enjoyment to a dreary Monday. Sadly for us Monday and Tuesday have been like that in London too. ?

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