Tabatha’s Amazing Hangzhou Facts

Tabatha’s Amazing Hangzhou

Hello to all you lovely readers of Katzenworld 🙂 This kitty really hopes you enjoyed my last article about my travels in Beijing. It really was a wonderful place! For this article publication, I want to focus on the city of Hangzhou, which was mine and Kat’s home for a year. Now, Kat and I were not originally supposed to go to Hangzhou, we were meant to live and teach in Shanghai! However this small kitty is a great believer that everything happens for a reason and we are so happy we ended up in Hangzhou, as opposed to Shanghai.

Hangzhou really is a beautiful place to live and was once described by the great world traveller, Marco Polo, as ‘one of the most beautiful places on Earth’. The reason Hangzhou is so beautiful is because it is home to many hills (which are great for hiking) and of course, the stunning West Lake, where this kitty has taken much advantage of walking around. It is just as beautiful in the snow, as it is in the summer. Hidden in the hills are many temples which prove to be a great place to find peace (and quiet!) in an ever growing city. This kitty discovered many temples and hiking tracks hidden within the hills…and loved hiking (with Kat) on her days off from work.

Hangzhou is also home to the lovely Wetlands National Park (XiXi) where this kitty found lots of beautiful plants, flowers and trees (plus lakes!) Oh, and I also discovered Panda Beer! The honey Panda ale really was delicious and made a change to the Catniptini’s I do love to drink!

Kat and I lived near downtown Hangzhou centre, on Xueyuan Road, in a lovely apartment complex surrounded by lots of flowers and lakes. We lived near Zheijang University, so there were lots of bars and nightlife, in order to keep us entertained when we wished to let our hair down (or in my case, fur down). Kat and I made some very good friends during our time in China and we are very grateful for this and grateful for the opportunity we were given to be able to work and travel in a such a lovely city/country.

When you travel, the people you meet become your family and goodness me, we had some good times with our second families in China!

This kitty has tried to select pictures that show all the sides to living in Hangzhou. I hope you like them!

Thank you to all for your continued support of me and my travels across the globe! This small cat really appreciates it!

Have a fantastic time everyone!

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