Purrsday Poetry: Blaize’s Words on Human Honor and Poetry – The Human Meow

“Whatever high falutin’ tails they tell
Of giant mousies in Australia, well,
“Tis true, in poetry, a kind of MEOW
That humans do whenever they know how,
That they’re incapable of lying. Dogs
May lie, and lizards on noon rocks, and hogs
In lettuce tinseled styes may grunt and smile,
Yet humans, silly fools they be, the while
They yeowl in poetry reveal their hearts,
In formal verse or the verse libre arts;
And thus, whatever goofy sounds they make,
Unlike the potent and all knowing “meow”, forsake
No honesty as they reveal a truth
Uniting human beings from age to youth.”

Image used for illustration not an actual photo of Blaize. Source: Pixabay free photos

Author notes
This manuscript, evidently written with my lost pen, I found slipped under the door to my office. It’s been a while since my sublime Feline Editor Blaize Achew Panda-monium shared his wisdom with me. I’m ever so glad my Mews is speaking to me again! You will note that in the first line I kept to the Standard North American Feline spelling of the word “tails”.

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