Purrsday Poetry – Prose Poem: Cat in Rain

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Please find below the latest entry in the Purrsday Poetry series by Aimee S. Green.

Cat in Rain

Wet soaking. Dance across road water between toes. Cold. I want. Jump up onto wet. Something dry please. Where is dry is anything dry anymore or.


Heavy fur. Soaking.


Why won’t let me in why? Howl and meow and scratch door normally works not tonight. Rub down lots of rubs towel is what I want. Howl some more come on come on. Hop up onto window cry cry cry. Can’t see anyone inside. Dark inside.

Four legs four feet eighteen toes all wet soaking. Shake paws dry wet again. Sky falling in. Left outside during end of world. Off down street puddles rivers oceans. I want. I want. Back onto road. Car coming out splashing up drenching more.


Heavier fur. Soaking.


Hey you yes you going in house you let me in? Give me rub down with towel? Can you dry between my toes and stop sky falling in can you? No you disappeared. Into house. Lights on dryness in. How does it feel shedding wet coat stupid? No care for me why I draw short one.

Somewhere else. This street looks same as last as last as last. Still wet soaking. Where is home now? Not been this way never had reason. Why today why now. Pretend not to care. Keep up appearances.


Drops on whiskers into eyes ouch squint look up. More human hey you wait. Left out in rain too. Also wet soaking. Much we have in common! Now let me in yes. Into warm house yes. Why not open. I want please I want. Don’t talk I don’t know human. Why humans assume I speak human stupid. Rub against you own way of communicating. Let me in let me in let me. Wait. Door still closed why still closed don’t love you either? We’ll die out here you me. Die in rain at end of world. Wet soaking you and me yes. Cry cry cry join in with me cry cry cry.

Door open hey wait. Light in out. Go run into house yes. Meow cry hello I’m here. Yes hello I’m wet soaking nice to meet you. You’ve been waiting for me I see yes. Don’t care about human please I want. That yes that. Good towel. Yes.

© Aimee S. Green, December 2017

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8 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry – Prose Poem: Cat in Rain

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  2. Léa says:

    When I think of cats and rain together, I can’t help but think of that last scene in Breakfast at Tiffanys. Let’s face it, a big ginger feline and Audrey Hepburn… ?

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