How it all began #MyPetStory

Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to invite you all to share a story about your pet! How did your pet may it be a past or present one has changed your life and what was so special about them.

For us the story of our pets is directly linked to Katzenworld! If you had asked me 5 years ago if I’d ever be running a cat news website reaching more than 120.000 people across various different mediums I would have told you “no chance”! But this was before our first at the time little one joined us. 🙂

Oliver was a wee tiny kitten at the time but even when he first arrived he already loved eating my hair. 🙂

And the window sill was already one of his favourite places around!

But Oliver who came from a multi-cat household before he ended up in our local charity wasn’t happy on his own… so we went back to the charity to look for a friend for him.

And so shortly after Oliver, Nubia moved in! No, she didn’t come in that box but it was her favourite place while getting used to the new surroundings. And Oliver was so good with his new frightened little sister arriving. He gave her all the space she needed and taught us a lot about what some of us humans lack at times…

So how did this lead to Katzenworld?

Well, we setup Katzenworld now more than 4 years ago between 2 of our best friends and us that wanted to share our love of cats with a wider audience. Naturally, we turned to the internet but were disappointed that many sites listed under “Pets” were in fact all about the other furry four-legged friends; dogs. It wasn’t that we disliked dogs. But we wanted to create a place just for cat lovers to share their stories and experiences with each other. Because cats have changed our lifes significantly, they’ve taught us the value of what’s important in life and after all for many of us our pets are just as much our children as a human child. And so, the idea for the blog was born to create a medium for everyone to share their views and stories.

Of course, as many of you know the Katzenworld family of cats has doubled since but Oliver & Nubia will forever be a special part of our life! Sadly not just happy memories but also scary moments.


Some of you remember the time when Oliver was poorly as he had swallowed something that was not just not digestible but could have been dangerous… and once again our cats surprised us. When Oli came back from the vet Nubia spent a whole day on nursing duties to watch over Oliver while he was recovering from his injection to vomit out the foreign object. This incident also lead to us reminding everyone of how important it is to have a vet insurance for your pets without such an insurance, incidents like this can be extremely costly if not insurmountable for the pet guardians.

All 4 of our little ones are insured via Petplan Pet Insurance to ensure that we unexpected will never risk us not being able to care for our little ones.

So how did Rennie and Freya come along? Well Nubia having three paws just couldn’t keep up with the amount of playtime Oliver wanted… So we adopted Mr. Ren from a friend of ours who is very happy to be able to read about his adventures online. Little did we expect tho that he really wanted to curl up with another cat and sadly Oliver and Nubia both have the idea that cats are not meant to curl up with each other. 😉

And thus we went to look for a cat likely to fulfill being his cuddle buddy! Freya as many of you probably know only moved in a couple of months ago but she fullfilled Rennies need almost immediately. 🙂 We now have a very happy family there Mr. Ren and Oli will play with each other and Ren gets to curl up with his new cuddly buddy Freya.

Now it’s up to all of you! Share the story of your cat(s) with us and we will publish them here on Katzenworld to celebrate our pets stories. 🙂

Petplan wants to hear your Pet Stories too, so whether it is a recovery from illness or just their day to day mischief share your story on Petplan’s Facebook or Instagram using #PethoodStories



This post is in conjunction with Petplan who asked us to share our experience with our cats, but all thoughts are my own.

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46 thoughts on “How it all began #MyPetStory

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    You guys have come so far in such a short space of time. I wonder where another four years will see you, and who will be in your fold? Companion insurance is so very important, as we just dont know when things may go wrong…
    Toodlepips and purrs

    • Marc-André says:

      Thank you Erin. 🙂

      When we started the blog we never imagined it would get this big so we are delighted how far we got. ^^

      And yes companion insurance is very very important. And the team of PetPlan is pawesome. We’ve had our little ones insured with them for a long time. 🙂

  2. reflectionsbyexodushouseministries says:

    I LOVE your story!???? You’ve done amazing things in such a short time! It’s inspiring…to say the least!
    I do have one question though.
    How did sweet Nubia lose her leg?
    Was it at birth?
    Honestly…as strong and gorgeous as she is.. you’d never know or even notice she’s missing it.
    I was just wondering if you had to do special “training” to help her adapt.
    Anyway….I’m really glad you’re doing all you do.
    Thanks and Blessings!!???

    • Marc-André says:

      Thank you Andrea. 🙂

      Nubia lost her leg in an accident before we adopted her from our local charity Celia Hammond Trust.

      She has always been this confident getting around btw. 😀

    • Marc-André says:

      ^^ glad you enjoyed it. We thought it was about time to recap. 😉

      And thanks! I’m from Germany originally so I wanted something that is still recognisable to non German speakers but that is German.

  3. says:

    Akasha, I now realise should have been called Shadow. From day 1 we were meant to be together. She picked me, climbed over her sleeping siblings to choose me when she was a kitten. She didn’t like me leaving her, followed me everywhere. To Asda when I went shopping, to slimming world where she got in and sat on the chair next to me, tried to get on the bus with me once or twice, climbed in my college bag more than once. But left me to go and go to the long sleep which Broke my Heart. I had her name tattooed on my right upper arm above my Egyptian Mythology eye. She is the Only name I had as a tattoo. I Miss her Everyday. ?❤⚘?She is in My Heart Always!!

  4. soyvirgo says:

    Such a lovely story! I love seeing blogs about cats because people just love dogs more sometimes, that’s ok, but cats need some appreciation too!!!
    I’m a new follower, so I’m glad I got to see this kind of introduction post. Excited to keep reading more from you guys ????

  5. Animals Are Feeling Beings Too says:

    I grew up with a dog so hadn’t had much experience around cats. When a friend & I moved into together years ago she had a cat that I fell in love with. We were buddies. I still remember how she would lay on me and lick my cheek. Sadly she passed away very young. Then my boyfriend (at the time) had a kitten that became my baby. This kitty would suck on my hair all of the time. My boyfriend hated it, but I felt there must have been a reason so I didn’t mind at all. Then a stray cat started coming around his place and one day I noticed there was something wrong with one of his eyes, it was very goopy. So I got a box ready and prayed he would come that morning and that I could get him in the box. He was amazingly cooperative, so I took him to the vet and got some medication for him. The trick was in hoping he would show up each day so we could give it to him. He did and was better in no time! I encouraged my boyfriend to take the leap and call this cat his and he so he did.
    So when I finally had the opportunity to get a pet of my own, my first choice would have been a dog. But where I lived only allowed cats, so comes the story of my sweet Cino and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 🙂

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