Tabatha in Bali

Hello all you amazing and lovely readers of Katzenworld!

Kat and I are coming to the end of our China adventure ? in 4 weeks we will be heading for the shores of Australia for at least 3 months.

However, before we leave, Kat and I will be travelling China so make sure you check into Tabatha’s Travels to check out our final weeks in this great, historical country.

Whilst we have been here in China, Kat and I managed to take some time off to travel to the beautiful island of Bali in the tropical shores of Indonesia for 8 days 🙂

I remember being a very tired kitty as we travelled overnight to arrive into this paradise. The night sky soon turned into day and I was able to see the clear shores of Indonesia and the dotted islands of green…I felt very excited!

We landed and the first thing that I was met by was the heat (not that I am complaining-the heat goes very well with a delicious Catniptini) and the bright sun was shining brightly in the sky!

Kat and I were picked up by the hostel and we made our way to our new home for the next 8 days…it was beautiful ?

The pool was so clear and the people were so friendly! Kat and I had made plans to relax by the pool (as we had been travelling overnight) but the other travelers had other plans for us…they invited us to Lempuyang Temple which is a 2,000 year old temple in the mountains of Bali…of course we said yes! We all booked a taxi and we started the 3 hour journey and it was out of this world! This kitty enjoyed a Bintang (yeah!) and had a delicious meat dinner (on the way). The temple itself left this kitty absolutely speechless…and yes I had my photo taken at famous ‘Gateway to Heaven’ (I believe I am the FIRST CAT EVER TO DO THIS ?) so I am very pleased and proud of this fact.

The rest of our holiday was amazing…from the volcanoes, to the monkeys, to the endless stretches of beach, the clear ocean, the greenery of Ubud, partying in Kuta, drinking Catniptini’s to cool down in the heat of the day, drinking Bintang with fellow travelers (and locals) …this kitty had an amazing time!

Kat and I would love to visit Bali again in the future! And this small cat cannot wait for the future Balinese adventure (round 2!)

Thank you for reading my Bali extract! This kitty really appreciates it! I am also on Facebook and Twitter!

Until next time!

Your (cute) travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx

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  2. tabathastravelssite says:

    Thank you for your lovely comments ? This snall Cat apologises for the delay in updates recently, However I promise I will Get Back to it very soon. Your cute travel blogging Kitty Tabatha xx

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