Our visit to Kitty Café – Nottingham: The Jester

Hello everyone,

Today we are back for our last post in the Kitty Café – Nottingham series. If you’ve missed the previous one don’t forget to click here to check it out.

Our visit to Kitty Café – Nottingham: Cafe turned Magical Forest

As you may know from one of the previous posts there were plenty of walkways throughout the cafe enabling the cats to get around the place without having to be on the same level as us none climbing humans!

The most hilarious part was this cat though! A girl found a glove that looked like a jest’s hat and this fella really loved playing with it so we decided to nickname him The Jest LOL.

He was indeed very keen to get the fluffy balls of that haha.


Following on from our post on the interior decoration that makes this place look like a magical forest we decided to add the above photo that gives a bit of a different angle and showing more of the walkways.


We didn’t spot this wheel until very late in our visit. I wonder if this is one of the Maclaw wheels that we wrote about before?

Before we finish our last post in the series here a few more of our favourite shots. 🙂

We liked the face of the cat that’s got white down half of his face! And do you recognise the cat in the plant pot? We’ve featured him before – do you remember his name? 😉

We do hope you enjoyed our trip to this cat cafe as much as we did! 😀



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11 thoughts on “Our visit to Kitty Café – Nottingham: The Jester

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  2. Liz says:

    I have been past this place a couple of times and it looks wonderful. It is in my list if places to go and visit.

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