Tabatha’s Amazing UAE Facts

Now as you all MAY know Kat and I went to the UAE to teach and travel in the year 2016 🙂 Kat and I really were now getting the travel bug (and since Kat now had her teaching qualification!) nothing was stopping us from exploring our home planet!

I remember feeling a little nervous as we boarded the plane, even though we had both previously travelled to Australia and New Zealand, the UAE was a completely new culture and neither of us really knew what to expect!

When we both arrived at Manchester airport, we met up with another teacher who was heading to the same school and city as we were! This put us at ease a little and we both started to relax about our upcoming adventure 🙂
A seven hour flight later, we arrived in the UAE at Abu Dhabi International Airport (the hot desert air just hits you when you get off the plane!) and our nerves quickly evaporated as we met with the other teachers who were really nice and friendly. They immediately loved this kitty very much.

We were taken to our accommodation to rest and get some sleep as the following day was going to be a very busy day (meeting, greeting…etc).

Kat’s teaching aside, the UAE really is a wonderful place to visit! One of my favourite places is a town called Al Ain, which is situated near the Oman/UAE border and is home to the magnificient Jabel Hafeet mountain which looks like something out of a dream, especially at nighttime. The winding road up towards the mountains is truly magnifient and worth a look. It really does look like the ‘Road to Heaven’ so to speak 🙂

Kat and I were lucky to drive to the top and you can see right into the Oman desert! Just a vast landscape of golden brown sand as the cool(er!) evening sets in. The one thing that really blew this small kitty’s mind was how flat it was! As there were no hills all you could see was the land below and it was really was a beautiful sight to behold…
I was lucky enough to join Kat and her friends for ‘brunches’ on a Friday afternoon, which is all you can eat food and drink for up to 3 hours-bliss in the blistering sunshine.

The really cool thing about the UAE is that the country itself is really quite small, so you don’t need to drive for too long to find something new 🙂 I remember the time when Kat, I and her friends did the ‘desert experience’ where a driver takes you into the middle of the desert so you can experience what it is like to be there! We were driving up and down sand dunes really having a great time! Then at night you meet for dinner (beef curry-yum!) and have a little shisha…(this kitty is partial to the watermelon flavour) and look at the stars….

The stars! In the middle of the desert the blanket of stars is like no where else in the world-this kitty could feel the universal energy pulsing through her fluff! Makes you humble when you realise Earth is a small place in the entire mass of the universe…

Dubai is worth a visit as there is so much to see! From the miles and miles of beach along the Persian gulf, to the many, many, many shopping centres, spice markets, dancing water fountains, Ferrarri based theme park(!) and of course, the Burj Khalifa (which is the tallest building in the world). This kitty could name so much more (but wants you to explore the ‘City of Gold’ for yourselves ;))

Dubai really has come along in the past 40 years and does have so much offer so it is definately worth a visit 🙂

I will keep the travel stories rolling for all you lovely people!

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

Travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx

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