Renegade: What is this… Is it a new Tower for me?

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie here today! And look I came into the living room thinking of finding some more food to eat but I got distracted by this box…

Rennie: What is it I wonder… will it make me food?

Rennie: As always the humans are being a little slow on the opening of boxes… so I had to give them a paw or two to get things moving!

Rennie: But seriously… what is this?!? It looks a bit like something out of StarTrek… time for me to use the caternet to look it up!

Rennie: Right so I figured out what it is! It’s an air purifier called Blue Pure 411 that sucks out dust and things like our dander amongst other things from the air!

Rennie: And apparently it’s so easy to use that even I can turn it on… see all you need to do is press this button here and it’ll turn on. Press it again and it’ll go into a faster mode and another time for the fastest mode!

Rennie: Want to turn it off? Just press it once more!

Rennie: So what did the humans think after trialling this for a few months? Well this is what they said!

“We’ve seen a significant change in the air quality after getting the filter. Our flat has always generally been quite dusty and the Blue Air filter has made a huge difference by improving this significantly! We like the fact that it removes dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, allergens, viruses and bacteria from the air and… if it’s near your cat’s liter boxes it’ll also do a handy job at removing that odor through it’s active carbon!

Additionally now that spring is around I can confirm that it’s also improved my allergies which normally are quite bad this time around even when staying indoors… after all pesky pollen do come into our houses as they are not air tight (wouldn’t want to suffocate would we?!?)

Lastly the energy efficiency of the Blue Pure 411 is great as it only uses 1,5 watts during normal operation speed.”

Signed by,

His Meowjesty Prince Renegade also known as The Flash!

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27 thoughts on “Renegade: What is this… Is it a new Tower for me?

  1. Ana María Pérez Marín says:

    It seems to me a great product for allergies of cats, but Spain does not exist!

  2. greg-in-washington says:

    I thought at first it was a startrek transporter. Just stand on top of it and poof, you are off to another planet! I am all for air cleaners, especially with 4 cats. I have four old style machines–one in the master bedroom, one in the living room, and one in each of two bedrooms. It does make a difference. I recommend getting more than one and using them. This machine shown looks pretty high tech!

    • Marc-André says:

      Haha it does indeed look a bit like a teleported! We currently use this one primarily in the bed room but we are thinking of getting two more one for the office / cat room and one for the living room. 🙂

    • Marc-André says:

      It’s super duper quiet in base mode (can’t hear it at all) in level two it makes some noise but no more than having a ceiling fan if not less and you can definitely sleep with it on in that level. Plus it actually cools down the air a bit. 🙂

      I’m level three it’s definitely making more noise but still not intolerable.

  3. Dennis the Vizsla says:

    hello prince renegade its dennis the vizsla dog hay an air pyoorifier!!! pyoor air is verry importent for shoor!!! we hav got a kuple of those things to help tayk the dust owt of owr air also chaplin likes to sit on top and let it blow on his belly maybe yoo cud giv that a try too!!! ok bye

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