What Do Pets Do All Day? Your Day vs. Your Pets’ Day

We all love animals, and 44% of the UK population owns a pet. And as much as we would love to stay at home and play with them all day, unfortunately many of us have to go to work. But when you’re sitting in your third meeting of the day, it can be hard to stop your mind drifting to what your pet(s) might be doing…

Well, VIBRANTdoors think they have the answer to what they are up to. They took a lighthearted look at what our human day looks like compared with our pets’ days in the infographic below that they kindly provided to us.

This infographic first appeared on VIBRANTdoors in November 2017.

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30 thoughts on “What Do Pets Do All Day? Your Day vs. Your Pets’ Day

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  2. simon7banks says:

    Suzy the cat is brilliant about waking time. She loves cuddling up to me, so would never try to get me out of bed. If the alarm clock goes and she’s on the bed, she doesn’t try to block me getting up, but treats it as a chance to get a little bit of quality petting (after all, I’m awake now) before following me downstairs for food or more often, waiting for me to let Emma in so she can stare at Emma from the top of the stairs.

    Activity when I’m out seems to involve collecting catnip mice (one often finds its way to the bed and all three can be close together) and spending a lot of time on the bed, plus no doubt the same short trips out as when I’m around, except she has to use the catflap instead of attracting the doorman’s attention.

    • Marc-André says:

      Awwwwww what a well behaved little friend.

      Oliver likes to purr more intensively when my alarm goes off to stop me from getting up. ?

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