Fun Facts About Cats & Their Amazing Hunting Skills

Fun Facts About Cats & Their Amazing Hunting Skills

As cat lovers, we always enjoy their curious nature. Everything from their playful demeanor, a fun-loving willingness to hunt, stalk and sometimes attack anything from a simple piece of yarn to the annoying appearance of a fly. When it comes to their truly unique hunting skills and natural instincts, we may become puzzled after witnessing this ongoing behavior.

In other words, what’s the deal with their continued need to hunt when we’re already provided them with all the comforts of a loving home? Well here’s a few fun facts about this fight-or-flight mentality that’s a natural part of their lives:

Neither Large Nor In Charge: Some believe our felines are bringing us the fruits of their hunting labors in the form of a gift. We may also imagine this presentation is being given to us in the form of a possible payment for their room and board.

We’ve all seen some of these “presents” they have brought to us on our doorstep, garage, wherever or whenever. Think about it this way, while their prey may still be alive and other times … not so much … but it’s not what you might think or what we’ve led to believe in the past.

According to science, our cats aren’t “paying it forward” or offering these items to us as a sacrificial “gift” in exchange for our love, food, shelter and boarding. Animal experts believe, as many cat owners may already be aware, we are not their masters.

In their own weird way, their perceive us as their children/kittens and not the other way around. They’re actually attempting to show us what failed hunters we are compared to them. This is often why you’ll see them playing with a particular item they have already conquered while in our presence. Our cats see us as terrible hunters and they’re simply trying to teach us an important lesson about surviving in the wild. They’re really quite smart, aren’t they?

Not In The Dark: Another common myth about felines is they possess the unique ability to see in the dark. This concept is only partially true since nothing is capable of seeing in absolute and complete darkness. Yet there are some animals that have some truly remarkable skills and abilities when it comes to greater vision when there is little light available.

Cats are one of these gifted critters who have enhanced vision when it comes to limited light, especially as mostly nocturnal hunters. Because of the unique way their eyes are formed, they have an added feature known as “tapetum.” These cells are located behind their retina and act like a mirror. This particular structure allows light to be reflected in a way that allows them to see more effectively in night time and other dimly lit situations.

Playing Cat-And-Mouse: This last example is more of a cautionary tale and something that’s common knowledge when it comes to cats and their relationship with rodents. Given the common cat-and-mouse game and the eventual removal of these pests, we should leave this to professional experts and not rely on our pets instead.

Here’s why it’s so dangerous and how you can help: If you come across your pet with this particular type of prey (dead or alive), remove it immediately and don’t let them handle, play with or consume this catch. Why you may ask … the answer may come as no surprise.

There are many homeowners without beloved pets, local businesses, companies, landlords and property managers throwing caution to the wind in this practice. In an attempt to keep their own land free from these type of destructive and annoying pests often resort to deadly poisons and other types of toxins to eradicate these rodents. Let’s stop this from resulting in the illness or untimely death of our precious pets.

Let’s allow or cats to hunt, prey and play inside the safety of our homes while following their natural instincts. Given the many toys, games and treats we love to lavish upon them, we can keep them better protected inside our own indoor environments. If they are indoor/outdoor felines, keep a watchful eye upon them whenever they’re out on the prowl and when they return home to our loving nest.

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5 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Cats & Their Amazing Hunting Skills

  1. Fiona says:

    That’s useful about removing mice etc from them, I hadn’t even thought about that. Also interesting to read that cats look at us as being inferior and not as clever as them – they are probably right!

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  3. mvaden1948 says:

    Many years ago(more than 30 so don’t request too many details such as names) I read a biography of a dissident poet in the USSR who was imprisoned in Siberia with a group of other women. They had a cat who would pretty much fend for herself as there wasn’t much food available. At one time to protest something (memory fails here) the women went on a hunger strike and after several days their cat started bringing them mice and all kinds of other creatures to eat. She was afraid for them not eating. They had to make sure she ate her own food and didn’t try to give it to them. Even their guards thought it was funny that the cat was trying to feed them.
    So our cats attempting to teach us to hunt isn’t a strange idea. Any of us who know cats well know they are much smarter than we are.

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