Tabatha’s Adventures in New Zealand Part 2

Greetings to everyone at Katzenworld 🙂 This is your cute, travel blogging kitty Tabatha writing to give you all the next dose of her past New Zealand adventure!

Last time I gave a brief overview about mine and Kats adventures on the North Island, this post will be about our time on the South Island!

I remember it well…we were waiting at the ferry dock in Wellington waiting to board. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, we could not wait for our journey and our new adventure that awaited us!

The journey from Wellington to Picton through Cloudy Bay and on the Cook Straight was absolutely surreal. This small kitty felt like she was taking part in a movie-the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. You sail through so much greenery and fjordland. In all honesty words cannot capture or describe the beauty of what we saw whilst travelling on the blue waters. Out of this world.

So Kat and I arrived in Picton, which is a small town on the north coast of the South Island. As is standard we arrived and met some fellow travelers for a beer or two and to share our fantastic travel stories 🙂 As is normal for New Zealand I remember there being many walking trails and lots of green and trees. Kat and I only spent a couple of days in Picton as we were heading to Nelson to see the lovely Abel Tasman, Lord of the Rings (the ring was made in Nelson!) and beaches…

Nelson was a lovely town with everything you could wish for. The weather was beautiful, the beaches were stunning and as for the Abel Tasman…one word-WOW!!! I feel this kitty isn’t using enough words to describe how wonderful New Zealand is but my typing cannot capture the true essence and beauty of this country 🙂

Our next stop was Kaikoura on the East Coast. ‘Kai’ meaning food and ‘koura’ meaning crayfish. Kaikoura is one of my favourite places in the world. As well as having a gorgeous beach and clear blue water, Kaikoura is also home to the awesome mountain range, ‘Kaikoura Ranges’ which can be seen as far north as the south coast of the North Island! The Kaikoura Ranges are also the beginning of the Southern Alps (which are great for snowboarding by the way!). When Kat and I visited Kaikoura, there was actual snow on top of the mountains! So when we were relaxing on the beach in the hot, sunny weather, snow was visible!

There was so much to do in this seaside town. Walks all around, seal watching (so cute!), the local food…and not too far from Christchurch which was Kat and I’s next stop 🙂

Christchurch is a very pretty city, with the lovely Avon River flowing through it. Christchurch is home to the Botanical Gardens and is the host of many cultural events (beer festivals anyone?)

Kat and I decided to make Christchurch our home for 3 months (we loved it so much). Of course Christchurch was still under repair when we both visited but it was, nevertheless, still a beautiful city 🙂 Kat and I met some of our best friends in Christchurch (who we still speak to today) and it was an awesome time of laughing, smiling, drinking, partying, beach hunting, nature watching (Akaroa!) and being part of an amazing extended family 🙂 Everyone loved this small kitty very much.

Kat and I did not get to see much of the South Island whilst we were there but we have plans to return in the very near future to complete our Kiwi adventure 🙂

Make sure you check into Tabatha’s Travels to check out mine and Kats great world adventures!

Keep travelling and keep having amazing adventures everyone!

Cute travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx

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