Cats Have Always Known What Food Is Best for Them, but Humans Tend to Get Confused.

Feline dietary needs have always been an important part of the cat-human relationship.

When cats first wandered into human settlements, they came looking for meat, and they found it munching on humans’ grain stores. The cat became man’s favorite living rodenticide.

As cats filled our homes and hearts, we started to push them into human-centric dietary molds. The pursuit of convenience, nutritional improvements, and economic opportunity have given us a head-spinning variety of both commercial and homemade foods. While all cat foods claim to nourish your pet, few will make them thrive.

Cats are happiest and healthiest when eating food that honors both their biological needs and personal preferences. It’s your responsibility to choose the diet that nourishes your cat’s nature.

How do you choose the best cat food when even the fundamentals of feline nutrition are blurred by controversy?

Every cat food manufacturer and each veterinarian tells a different story about the basics of feline nutrition. You’ll hear dozens of differing opinions on protein, carbohydrates, moisture, and more.

The conversation becomes even more divisive when we start talking about special diets for cats. Try finding an answer to questions like: “What are the right foods for cats with health issues?” and “Do indoor cats need special food?”

So that you can stop wading through the disagreements and drama that color the cat food debate, we’ve taken over 25 hours of research to determine exactly what it means to give your little predator the very best.

We’ve identified the essential facts about feline nutrition, answered hot-button questions, and shared our picks of the best cat food on the market today.

Click here for a deep dive into the best cat food of 2018.

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5 thoughts on “Cats Have Always Known What Food Is Best for Them, but Humans Tend to Get Confused.

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  2. helentastic67 says:

    Every time I finish certain foods I look st my empty plate thinking if only Jamima were still here. Minestrone, bolognaise………..she did the pre-wash. Cheers,H

  3. Nora Hamilton says:

    I knew I’d found the right food for them when first I saw how much they loved it, and second I saw how much more energy they have. They act like kittens now!

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