5 Great Projects You Can Sew for Your Cat

When it comes to your cat, you only want them to have the best and sometimes the best way to get the perfect accessory or toy for your cat is to make it yourself.

1. Cat Bed

The first thing that you need with this craft is a basket. This is important because it is going to be the base and size of your cat’s bed. Then, place the basket on kraft paper and trace it. Then, simply trim this pattern to fit inside of the basket. For this project, you won’t need to worry about space for seam.

You are then going to use the kraft paper tracing that you have to cut out two pieces of cotton fabric and two pieces of 2-inch thick wool batting. You are then going to pin together a piece of wool batting between two pieces of cotton. Stitch all around the circumference about a quarter inch away from the edges of the fabric. Be careful to make sure that your needle is going through both layers of cotton and the wool batting. Once you are done you can remove the pins.

Then, cut a piece of half inch wide bias tape to go around the edge of your cushion, leaving an extra inch. Pin it to the edge of your cushion and fold under the last half inch, leaving a half inch overlapping. Stitch the bias tape on and remove the pins.

The next step is simply to repeat. For this bed, you are going to need two cushions so repeat the steps of the last three paragraphs once more until you have another completed cushion in front of you.

Done correctly, these cushions should nestle comfortably inside the basket. If you really want to spoil your feline friend, though, add a bed warmer in between the cushions. Attach your cat’s name to it with a personalized tag or custom sewing label!

2. Mouse Toy

For the mouse toy, you only need to sew a teardrop shape with a tail. You can also sew a ribbon on if you want to hang it up for your cat to bat at or pull it to play along with your kitten. If you want an extra kick, stuff your toy mouse with catnip.

 3. Baby Sock Cat Toy

For this project, the first thing you’ll need is a sock for a newborn baby. Then, you will need a needle, thread, a piece of paper, and some catnip. First, roll up the paper and stick it in the sock; like a funnel.

Then, you are going to want to pour the catnip in, breaking up any clumps or lumps as you go. Once you finish pouring the catnip in, you can remove the piece of paper you were using as a funnel. Make sure, though, that you pack in the catnip good and full because otherwise it will all settle into the toe of the sock, leaving your kitty with a lackluster toy.

Next, you are going to want to sew the top of the sock shut. Make sure and do this stitch tightly because otherwise you will have catnip leaking out of your cat’s toy and all over your living room carpet! Finally, sew the sock onto a ribbon and hang it from a door knob or hook, allowing your cat to play and bat at it as they please.

Another note: be sure to use dried catnip. Fresh catnip will mold and ruin the toy you are making, so avoid the fresh herb. If you ever need to refill or replace this toy there are two options. One, you can simply undo the stitch at the top of the sock and redo it once you are done or you can simply use the other sock in the pair and replace the toy all together.

4. Kitty Leg Warmers

This is a quirky idea to add to your cat’s closet and all it takes is for you to sew four fabric tubes from whatever fabric you wish and slip them on your cat’s legs.

5. Flower Collar

For this project, you will need a stiffer fabric or felt and your cat’s collar, it’s as simple as that. All you need to do is to cut out several petal shapes and sew them into place on your cat’s collar. With this, when you put it on your cat, their face will be the center of a beautiful flower.

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7 thoughts on “5 Great Projects You Can Sew for Your Cat

  1. chrisscatmeow says:

    I made a bed from a cardboard box and covered it with furry tiger material and made a cushion to match for comfort. I have made the catnip socks and felt mice also a small felt pillow stuffed with catnip and I sewed a red felt heart on the front. I find it easy working with felt. I don’t think I would want to put silly socks on my boy..

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  3. Sarah Z says:

    My cat is quite adamantly all cat and unfortunately won’t tolerate any collars, t-shirts, socks or futile attempts at comfy beds. I do love the catnip sock idea! I think she’d love that!

  4. helentastic67 says:

    Photo of leg Warmers? I’m onehanded so I suspect my next fur-baby(between cats right now) will consider themselves so lucky I can not dress my cats. I do have all but a cat makings of a single crazy cat lady. Cheers,H

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