Tabatha loves the land Down Under :)

A big hello to all you cat lovers out there in the whole world. This is your cuddly travel blogging kitty checking in with you all and hoping you are all well.

Now as you all know, Kat and I love travelling very much. We have travelled to many different places in the world, however we do have a soft spot for the land Down Under that is Australia 🙂

This month Kat and I will be travelling to Australia for the fourth time to visit old friends, to see places we have not been to before (it’s a BIG country) and we are very excited to be going there!

I will never forget the first time we went. It was almost 11 years ago, back in 2007 and we were going to Brisbane for three weeks! It was the first time either of us had travelled on a long haul flight and I remember being very nervous (I am only a small kitty after all). Kat packed me all nice and warm wrapped in a hoody in her rucksack and we boarded the plane…I heard the sound of the engine of the plane flare up and the plane started moving faster and faster! My tummy was doing summersaults! Eventually the plane levelled out and I was able to leave the rucksack. Soon we were watching films, listening to music and I was eating snacks for the 24 hour journey to Brisbane.

As soon as we landed I remember feeling very tired and a bit sick. Kat put me back in her rucksack and we left for customs. She then met (with her friend Zoe) the people we would be staying with in Brisbane and then we had another hour journey from the airport to Springfield (suburb).

I was dozing off when I was once more taken out of Kat’s rucksack and put into bed for a long sleep to try and beat the jet lag. Then the holiday began….

The weather was really hot in Brisbane. I was grateful for a few delicious lemonades the following day! The first day we just chilled on the patio catching up with news and with the people we were staying with (lovely family 🙂 ). We had a lovely dinner and then headed back to bed, ready for our adventures in Queensland!

As it was so long ago (and I am a kitty with a small head) I can’t quite remember the exact order we did things in. I’m pretty sure we visited Mount Coo-Tha first of all (at night) which is a major tourist attraction in Brisbane. It is one of the highest peaks in Australia and when you looked up you could see the stars that were shining so bright and I am sure they were coming closer 🙂

We (of course) visited downtown Brisbane and travelled on the City Cat boats that take you across the Brisbane River which was great fun! And of course there’s the shops…

We visited Southbank which I remember being very beautiful. It consisted of beautiful gardens and flowers. There was also an outdoor pool which I remember being lots of fun!! I remember going to a water park and spending the day sliding down lots of waterslides as well as chilling on the river that floats around the park…(kitties LOVE chilling!) We had lots of picnics and lots of fun!

Now you can’t visit Queensland without going to the Sunshine Coast and Surfers Paradise 🙂 I remember miles and miles of golden sand and sea the same colour blue as the sky….this kitty was truly in paradise 🙂 🙂 🙂

The second time Kat and I visited Australia was five years later. We flew to Sydney, it was just us, this time for a whole year and our lives haven’t been the same since…

Thank you for reading. Make sure to check in next time to read all about our year Down Under.

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Your travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx

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9 thoughts on “Tabatha loves the land Down Under :)

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    G’day my traveling friends. I was hoping to hear about your new adventures. Must be quite a change from China….wow, winter to summer in one go.
    Hope to hear more soon.

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