When You’ve promised a Cat a Book – Part 2

When You’ve promised a Cat a Book –  Part 2

Back in October I had sworn to my cat Hawkeye that I would work towards making a book of my Cat-themed artwork.  You can see the original blog post here: https://katzenworld.co.uk/2017/10/29/promise-cat-book/

Shortly after that post I suddenly got very busy finishing illustrations for a cookbook that has recipes by a professional chef. Hawkeye was disappointed.  Here he is just outside my studio door pouting.

I tried reminding him that he loves to eat and that in the cookbook I’m illustrating there are recipes that have chicken, beef and cheese in them, some of his favorite flavors. I reminded him of how interested he was that time I marinated chicken using this recipe that I illustrated for the cookbook “Kim Cooks Sue Draws”.

That only helped a little.  He reminded me that I don’t usually share kitchen scraps with him (he gets a premium cat-food diet) and only the occasional bite of cheese.

So having had the frailties of humanity outlined, discussed and dissected I asked Hawkeye if he would be patient with me and perhaps even help me with my cat research now that the holidays are done.

Here’s Hawkeye recommending a resource book about cats.

And here he is recommending another.

After a while Hawkeye thought I’d begun my cat research sufficiently enough that he could take a break.

Here are a few more pages from my cat sketchbook. These sketches are written or drawn with an ink



And here is a practice cat artwork done in gouache on vintage sheet music.

Yes, they are musical the Siamese cats – and Hawkeye approves. Loudly.  Whew, I think I may be on track for my new artist book about cats after all! Oh wait… Hawkeye says I should also publish my cat practice sketchbook… I don’t know. That’s kind of private….

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17 thoughts on “When You’ve promised a Cat a Book – Part 2

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  2. Freeda says:

    Thank goodness you have Hawkeye to keep you on track with your creative purpose. I also work hard for my keeper as a muse. It’s not an easy job, humans can be soooooo difficult to direct. She is an artist, too, and she’s always getting distracted by new projects. Please tell him that I completely empathize with that “look” he’s giving you.

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