If you promise a cat a book…

This year I created a series of artworks, portraits of imaginary dogs, and I created an artist book of them titled “Dogs by Sue Clancy”. My cat Hawkeye was not pleased.  Here is a photo of Hawkeye, aka “The Cat”, taking the podium above Rusty, a miniature long-haired dachshund, who weighs about 3 pounds less than Hawkeye, to protest the un-fairness that no cat-art by Sue Clancy and no cat-art book yet exists.

When he realized that the book “Dogs by Sue Clancy” existed Hawkeye pulled a lap blanket right off my lap. (On a chilly night too!) Then he proceeded to dominate the dog and, from his soap-box to loudly tell me his feelings about this matter. So, to keep peace in the family (and make things fair) I have promised Hawkeye a series of artworks – and a book – for next year, 2018.  Here is Hawkeye’s skeptical reaction when I told him that the cat-art-exhibit is currently scheduled for June 2018 (and tried to pull the blanket back up).

To further reassure The Cat I’ve begun posting some of my art-work in progress on my blog at www.sueclancy.com and intermittently such posts will continue for the next year until the fine art for my cat art exhibit – and the book – are ready for the world.   Here is an example of a work-in-progress post:

I have tried telling Hawkeye that I’ve created cat artwork all along – that the dog-art related art exhibit and book was just my way of focusing on a topic/theme. No personal offense to The Cat was meant. Then I showed him some past examples of my cat-art work. Some of which is currently at art galleries in Tulsa Oklahoma, www.gierek.com and in Portland Oregon www.caplanartdesigns.com  – here are a few examples:

Hawkeye was not sufficiently amused. See the photo below.

Consequently, I’ve promised to do better. To that end I have sworn, upon a fresh block of Comte cheese, a solemn oath to make more cat-themed artwork. “Neow!” demanded Hawkeye. “Yes sir.” I replied.
Here, below, is Hawkeye in my art studio making sure I keep my word. (He’s in the dog/cat bed that sits at the base of my art easel)

You can see more examples of my artwork and my artist books on my website www.sueclancy.com – and of course follow my cat-art making progress on my blog.
Thanks, in advance, for your ongoing encouragement and support as I try my best to please The Cat and create both an art exhibit and an artist book titled “Cats by Sue Clancy”.

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18 thoughts on “If you promise a cat a book…

  1. franhunne4u says:

    You can always tell him that you did not feel sufficiently up to the project and had to practice on dogs before you are now learned enough to make art about cats properly!

    • sue clancy says:

      No Laura I don’t think we can ever completely satisfy the cats but we can please them just often enough that we feel encouraged to continue the attempt!! Lol!

    • sue clancy says:

      We found our cat Hawkeye at our local Humane society. Or rather he found us… stared at us through the window saying hypnotically “you want to give me a good home neow! Right Neow!” So of course he came home with us!

  2. cat9984 says:

    We are pleased to see that Hawkeye has induced you to correct your rather significant error in priorities. We are impressed with the pictures you have included. Snoops and Kommando Kitty

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