Kristmas Kitties

Kristmas Kitties

If Christmas seems like a long time ago to you as we reach the end of January, this might jog your memories (hopefully good ones) and revive some of the festive spirit 🙂

You may have seen our tweet a short while ago featuring  cute little Ollie poking his face out from his family’s Christmas tree. What a mischievous cat he was.

Well, Christmas trees with all their hanging ‘toys’ are not the only target for kitties during the holiday season. Wrapping paper, ribbons and bows are all fair game  as you can see from the other photos sent in by our readers 🙂

Do you have any pictures of your cats causing havoc in the Christmas tree, or just looking cute while playing with the left overs when all the unwrapping has been done. I know we’d love to see them.

Share your Christmas pics with Katzenworld and keep the spirit of Christmas alive for a little while longer 🙂



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