Infographic: 21 Interesting and Funny Cat Facts You Didn’t Know

We all love our cats – you don’t need anyone to tell you that. Even though they’re somewhat introvert, social-anti, and weird animals, cats are a sweet and lovable animal inside. And as you spend time with them, you’ll realise that there are many things you haven’t known about your felines.

I bet most of you don’t know the facts that there were no domestic cats in America before the 1750s, right? And the explanation of some of their weird habits, such as curve themselves in small objects, or how they can climb so high without falling or losing balance, etc.

Hopefully, our 21 interesting and funny cat facts will help you have a better understanding of our beloved furballs.

This Infographic first appeared on obeymycat

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27 thoughts on “Infographic: 21 Interesting and Funny Cat Facts You Didn’t Know

  1. Giggles, they transposed the date wrong for the first YouTube video as computers were not around in 1894. Do they mean 1994? Great info otherwise.

      1. Thank you so much for your feedback. Don’t forget to subscribe via email to get the freebies that come along with subscription. also let me know if you are interested for content writing on my blog. watch out for an invite here. would love to have you with me.

          1. Any topic that is not promote racism. Also I’ll be starting s forum on our furry buddies. Will send you and invite for that too. Would love to have you with me here

          2. Thanks I’ll have a think on topics. 🙂

            Oh and did you know that we have a forum too? It’s over at if you wanted to I could always add more sections on there just let me know if something is missing. ^^

  2. This is my favorite post now! i really like the images with the statements and of course, it’s interesting!

    1. YouTube wasn’t but it’s about some really old black and white movies that were uploaded to YouTube. 🙂

          1. I know. The movie itself is disappointing. It’s still a fun fact tho as most people don’t even realise there are movies this old on YouTube.

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