Abandoned Cat Shut Outside Own Home Finds Happiness

Abandoned Cat Shut Outside Own Home Finds Happiness

An eight-year-old cat who was found abandoned and shut outside her own home has found happiness by landing herself a loving new forever home after being rescued by The Mayhew Animal Home.


The tabby cat, named Ada, was found sitting on the window ledge of her home near Paddington in West London after being shut out because her former elderly owner had sadly died.

The executors, who dealt with the estate of the former owner, had boarded up the cat flap. So when concerned neighbours had noticed Ada still sitting in the front garden on the window ledge outside, having not moved for a couple of days, they knew something was wrong. On closer inspection they realised the cat flap had been boarded up, so they immediately called The Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers’ for help.

Our Animal Welfare Officer, Alisa Ford, said: “We found poor Ada pacing up and down outside her home, unable to get in – it was heart-breaking to see. We believe that she was in the front garden for a week before we were alerted to her being locked outside.”

Ada-in-her-new-home.jpg“She is such an affectionate cat; we can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for her to be left alone so long. That’s why it so important for pet owners to make arrangements for their animal, otherwise they could end up in a similar situation to Ada.”

“At The Mayhew we help hundreds of people in crisis situations every year, and we wish whoever had boarded up the cat flap had alerted us or another cat shelter. We are here to assist and advise on the best course of action for the animal, no matter what the problem is, we absolutely do not judge.”

Ada at The Mayhew cattery

Our Officers collected Ada and brought her straight back to our Home, where our Cattery staff immediately settled her into a warm and comfortable cat cabin and our Vet Team gave her a thorough health check. Apart from matted fur, dirty ears and in need of a dental check, she was in a good condition.

After receiving lots of care, love and attention, Ada was soon showing off her friendly and affectionate nature and thankfully found a purrfect home straight away.

She has since settled in really well and is enjoying exploring her new loving home.

Ada’s new owner, Heidi Thomas, said: “Me, my husband and daughter visited The Mayhew twice and fell in love with Ada. She is now starting to hop onto laps for a stroke and a cuddle and gives us head bumps all the time. “

“Ada loves sleeping and has various places throughout the home that she dozes in. She loves looking out of the window watching birds and people pass by.”

Thanks to The Mayhew, Ada has been given a second chance of happiness and the happily ever after she so deserves.

Ada in her new home (2)

At The Mayhew if an owner has died or unexpectedly became ill, we will take back any ex-Mayhew animal that the adopter could no longer care for and we will try and find them a new forever home.

Our Animal Welfare Officers rescue hundreds of abandoned, neglected and abused animals every year, respond to animal welfare issues out in the community and provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in vulnerable situations. Find out more about their work by visiting www.themayhew.org and please consider a donation at www.themayhew.org/donate to help them help even more animals like Ada. You can make an instant donation of £5 by texting ‘CATS27 £5’ to 70070.

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44 thoughts on “Abandoned Cat Shut Outside Own Home Finds Happiness

  1. Catherine Lingg says:

    Thank you Mayhew, I volunteer for a small rescure here in Upstate New York. No shelter, we are obviously no-kill and will take back any animal we adopt out, whatever the reason. Sometimes it’s two years later. This is a wonderful policy and most no-kill rescues here in the US adopt this policy. Blessings to you at Mayhew

    • Marc-André says:

      Oh I didn’t realise you were in the New York area! I’ve relatives in Long Island so sometimes I go and visit them. 🙂

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    Both of my cats were left behind at this small apartment complex when their owners died. For quite a while when I moved here in early 2012, I didn’t realize this beautiful black cat I call Diavolo didn’t have a home and was surviving on the head rubs and food put out by a variety of neighbors. I had an elderly cat named Lili who would not accept a roommate so I joined the others who fed Cat, or Blackie or whatever anyone called him. Less than six months after Lili went over the rainbow bridge Diavolo as he is now known throughout the complex moved in with me.
    Back in 2012 I also met a kitten named Sunshine…an orange tabby of course. He belonged to one of my neighbors. She and I often talked about our cats when we met outside. Sunshine is now about six years old. A couple of months ago he started showing up on my patio asking for food and I found out that his person had suffered a stroke. I bought Sunshine a special bed to keep him warm on the patio and fed him while we waited for his mom to come home. That was not to be and she passed away about a month ago. Sunshine continues to sleep and eat on the patio and several neighbors assist me with the cost of food. I am letting Sunshine and Diavolo work it out to see when Sunshine actually moves in. For now he gets plenty of food and love on the patio.
    Please everyone, make arrangements for your pets if something should happen to you…even just a card you carry to let someone know to check on your pets if you have an accident. It would save days, months or even as I put together in Diavolo’s case at least six or seven years of waiting for someone to come home.

    • Marc-André says:

      A friend of mine recently took in a cat that was left behind by an older lady (90sh she was!) sadly not everyone is as prepared as that lady was who put a legacy behind for her cats care.

    • mvaden1948 says:

      Sadly, unless you leave specific instructions the executors may be a law firm that has no idea that you even have a pet. What I discovered about my Diavolo is that it seems the people who cleared out the apartment just left him to fend for himself. With Sunshine it was more like he wasn’t connecting with anyone at his apartment. I did talk to the manager here and they ( management) was charged with getting him. I told them they could give the people in charge my phone number and since after a month I haven’t heard from them I assume they don’t want him. He has a home with me since I didn’t want him to go to a shelter. He’s a lovely cat.
      Also, don’t just put instructions in your will as it is often weeks before the will is read.

      • floridaborne says:

        My entire 2-footed family knows that my 4-footed are family, too. Five people would have to die at one time for someone not to come out and ensure the rest of my family is cared for. 🙂

        If there’s a cat door, and cat litter, and cat food in the house, anyone with 1/2 a brain knows there has to be a cat. If there are toys on the floor a stroller, and baby food, wouldn’t people check to be certain there was a baby around? I’ve told people before, “If you wouldn’t do it to a child, don’t do it to your pet.” Neutering being the exception to that.

        • Marc-André says:

          The question is if the people payed to clear a flat / house actually use that much common sense… :/

      • Marc-André says:

        That is very true… it happens far too often that people don’t get informed about resident pets 🙁

  3. PaulSeesTheWorld says:

    A single, retired man who lived up the street from me had a cat. The cat was maybe 10 or 12 years old. The man was a homebody so he was with the cat pretty much all the time. He and the cat were inseparable; they would often sit together on the front porch.

    The man went to the grocery store one day and while there he had a massive heart attack and dropped dead. Very sad. One of his friends who got along well with the cat immediately adopted the cat and tried their best to give love and care to the cat, but about 2 months later the cat also died, probably of a broken heart. If you are reading this site, you probably already know how much a cat misses their humans when the humans are gone.

    • Marc-André says:

      Oh that is so sad. :-(. And sadly that might be why the cat passed away. A friend of mine once had a similar thing with two cats. One passed away and the other suffered from a broken heart as his best friend was gone…

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  5. tippysmom2 says:

    That’s so sad that Ada was hanging out on the window sill, probably wondering what had happened and why she couldn’t get into her home. I’m so glad someone called and she was rescued and has found a new, loving home.

  6. overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:

    What a beautiful, heart-warming story. I’m so happy for Ada. She sounds like she’ll have lots to look forward to and appreciate in 2018.

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  8. purritos9 says:

    I DO judge, and I pray that those who did this to her reap what they have sown a thousandfold, soulless devils.

    As for beautiful Ada, may her life be one of comfort, safety, health and love from here on!

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