Renegade & Oliver: Patience is a virtue… Unless FOOD is involved!

Hi everyone,

My brother and I have been very lucky that our humans got us some new food to try! It’s a special freeze dried food by Pure Pet Food. You are probably thinking freeze dried? What? Well read and watch the magic unfold!

Renegade: The slaves human servants got us two varieties of the food in. One Chicken and one Surf & Turf!

Oliver: What is Surf & Turf?

Renegade: *sigh* Brother do you not read anything on the caternet! The Surf & Turf one contains both chicken and fish for those of us that loooooove fish. <3

Oliver: So how does this work?

Renegade: Simple… We need to get the humans to read the instructions!

Oliver: Right… well I could have made that suggestion too…

Renegade: Our humans decided to take the Chicken version to the kitchen and found us a colour coordinated bowl to go with it. 😀

Renegade: Inside the box you find a bag of food, a scoop and a very useful clip to re-seal the bag. In fact our humans were MOST impressed that it comes with a clip as it can be ultra annoying not to be able to reseal our food bags.

Oliver: But how is this going to turn into delicious meaty food?

Renegade: Give me a second brother…

Picture Credit: Pure Pet Food

Renegade: Right so it’s simple you match up scoops of the freeze dried food and mix them with equivalent amounts of scoop of water. Below a handy instruction on this by Pure:

Renegade: Of course I was super eager to eat it STRAIGHT away… but my humans made me wait…

Renegade: It looks ready now!!!! Can I have it now?!?

Oliver: Just give it a second…

Renegade: *Meeeeooooowwwwrooooaaaarrr* Give it to me now! 😮

Renegade: Thank god! You are finally letting me eat properly! Why did I have to stand up first tho!!!

Oliver: That’s because you are being impatient…

Oliver: May I try some please?

Renegade: No way!!!!

Oliver: Pretty please?

Renegade: *hisses* No! This is where brother love stops. 😉

Oliver: *Smacks lips* But it looks delicious. :'(

Renegade: That might be so… but I am eating at the moment you can have some later. 😀

Oliver: Even better… my humans decided to deliver me some to my bedroom. <3

Renegade: So our over-all verdict? It’s AWESOME! Being freeze dried the food can last up to 12th months and simply by adding water to it your slaves human servants can turn it back into delicious moist meat.

Oliver: We double checked that this is complete food as well and it certainly is! This is an important aspect your humans need to consider when they choose pet food for you as only complete food contains important minerals and vitamins that we need to be happy and healthy.

Renegade: Our humans thought that it was also very easy and simple to prepare the food thanks to the provided scoop and easy instructions.

Oliver: Below you can find the recommended feeding instructions from Pure Pet Food:

Picture Credit: Pure Pet Food

Renegade: WHAT! I want much more than 2-2.5 scoops a day…

Oliver: That’s because you are a gourmand… and we won’t give you more as we don’t want you to get fat! Anyway so what about the ingredients of the food?

Oliver: We had our humans check the chicken version and of course being chicken it’s main ingredients was 85% of chicken and chicken liver. The extra ingredients come from carrots, eggs, spinach, coconut oil, salmon oil and of course the added important minerals to make the food complete.

Renegade: Why are there veggies in my food brother… we are carnivore no?

Oliver: Ah that’s easy to answer brother! The choice of veggies (small amounts I’d like to point out) are added to the food to provide us with important minerals and vitamins from natural sources! For example the carrots provide vitamin a and the spinach A, B6, C, E and K as well as thiamin and many many more minerals.

Renegade: Too many letters! Can I just eat it all. @_@

Oliver: Right to put it in simple terms for you… those minerals and vitamins are essential for us to stay healthy and happy.

Renegade: So where can you get it this you wonder? Directly on the Pure website. 🙂

Renegade: They do starter packs, individual boxes in various sizes and even healthy treats! (WHAT I WANT THE TREATS!!!)

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Prince Renegade the Usurper and Creator of Chaos!

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16 thoughts on “Renegade & Oliver: Patience is a virtue… Unless FOOD is involved!

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  2. chrisscatmeow says:

    Seems a really good idea and we can see Renegade and Oliver enjoyed it. Super photos off Renegade….and lucky Oliver having his food in his bedroom. Happy Christmas to everyone…x???

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