Two Red Cats 24 – The return of Angelface

When Vitali died, Lily did not see him, because his brother was in a veterinary clinic, but for some reason, on the day of death Vitali, she stopped eating and cleaning herself. We thought he had some disease, but apart from these two there were no other symptoms and the cat showed the singular behavior of cuddle with us continually, looking for our warmth.

Only after two days of fasting, Lily has started to feed.
We did our research and… you know that cats can also suffer a lot for the dead of their friends? Lily was harrowed. She was mourning Vitali.

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7 thoughts on “Two Red Cats 24 – The return of Angelface

  1. Sorry Vitali died.😪😪Cats do mourn other cats. I remember when my last cat died Daisy Mae mourned her. She refused to go to the basement. That’s where Tigger died. She also ran around the house looking for her. Cats mourn in different ways.

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