Dirk and the Webbox Festive Teaser Wand

As I mentioned in my previous post, Webbox also has a Festive Teaser Wand. I have to admit, this is my favourite of their festive toys as I can actually play with Dirk rather than just watch him play. Granted, I might feel differently after a big Christmas dinner 😉

I really love making Dirk chase toys around the house. There are many “fishing rod” style toys out there and many cats love them. These toys appeal to the cat’s inner hunter, which is great for all cats, but especially those who live indoors. It mimicks their natural behaviour to chase animals (which is why I also love making Dirk chase his treats).

Dirk loves when we play together as the interaction means the toy is less predictable. In the wild, chasing prey is also unpredicatable and from Dirk’s body language and the look in his eyes you can tell he’s very focussed and in hunting mode when playing with this toy. You can add some extra variety to the game by dangling this toy over your cat’s scratching post or your sofa. This means they will have to jump and climb to get to the toy and are a lot more active as a result.

The teaser comes in a festive red or purple colour. The teaser is a tin foil ball with a fluffy tail and also has some gold foil in the tail. The foil makes a rustling sound when you play with the toy, which many cats find very appealing. The fluffy tail looks very similar to a feather tail – I’ve not yet met a cat who doesn’t like feathers!

When you notice your cat is no longer in a hunting or chasing mood you can reward them by giving them the toy. Dirk sometimes drags it along to “his lair” (aka his bed) or he licks the feathers on the spot – much like cats do with their prey in the wild. Dirk has a very satisfied look on his face when he gets hold of the Teaser Wand after chasing it for a while. I’m sure your cat would too!

(As mentioned in the post about the Festive Pom Pom, Webbox toys are sold by many retailers, probably even your own supermarket too)

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One thought on “Dirk and the Webbox Festive Teaser Wand

  1. helentastic67 says:

    I bought 2 of these as Christmas presents the other day for the fur-kids. I carried them home in my bag, feathers flapping away over my right shoulder. I hope the look on my face conveyed my intent. “What!? If cats follow me home I get to keep them, right?” Cheers,H

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