Dirk and the Webbox Festive Pom Pom

What better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by giving your cat a festive toy! At least, Dirk can’t think of a better way to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas came a little bit early this year when we received the Webbox Festive Pom Pom. They come in either red or purple with festive gold details as well! Let’s see if Dirk was interested….

PomPom 1

Dirk’s inner football player came out once again, though he doesn’t actully chase the Pom Pom quite as much as the football toy. He’ll actually really only chase it once: I throw it through the living room for him and he runs after it only to then grab it and kick it about. The cat version of fetch 😉

The texture of the Pom Pom is very similar to a ball of yarn and as we all know many cats love playing with balls of yarn (of course we need to keep an eye on our cats when they play with any types of string toys, such as a ball of yarn, as they can actually choke on it or it can get stuck in their intestines). Dirk is actually not one of those cats who play with balls of yarn! Yes, there are toys he doesn’t like!! The good news is that he does like the Webbox Pom Pom. I’m sure your cat will love pouncing and kicking it and they will provide some Christmas entertainment for the family 🙂

Now once your cat gets their paws on this Pom Pom they probably won’t let it go for quite a while. As you can see Dirk is certainly not about to give up 🙂

I mentioned that Dirk is actually not that big a fan of balls of yarn. Somehow rolling a ball of yarn around the house isn’t his thing. Maybe because there’s seemingly no end to the yarn! I don’t know, but anyway, if your cat doesn’t like them either then this Pom Pom is still worth a try. You can buy this toy online, but you can also find it in your local supermarket or pet shop. Webbox toys are sold by many retailers which gives you the bonus of seeing and touching the toy for yourself before buying it.

For people looking for a more interactive Christmas toy for their cats: Webbox also has a Festive Teaser Wand. Read all about it in my next post!

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