Tribute: Goodbye sweet beautiful girl <3

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a sad goodbye story from Mandy and her beloved cat for you. 🙁

Tissues will be essential!

I remember as clear as day the evening our precious little girl showed herself to me in Mauritius.  I was cooking dinner and she walked in from the patio and meow’ed hello.  I went down on my haunches, extended a finger and she immediately walked over and sat on my lap and never left it since.  She sat on my lap every day while I ate breakfast and while I sat at the computer and she slept, if not on me, next to me every night – under the covers in winter.  Poor island girl really felt the cold.

Recently, she seemed a little flat; I initially put it down to the cold weather and she seemed happy snuggling and sleeping in her blankie.  Then I smelt a strange smell on her breathe and realised she was sick.

Pete was home and he too noticed the small changes in her.  A week later we took her to the vet who diagnosed her as having tick bite fever and feline aids.  It was a terrible shock but her prognosis seemed very positive.  We immediately started her on medication and special immune boosting food.

For 2 weeks we went to the vet if not every day, every other day.  They saw a lot of fight left in her and continued to inject her with antibiotics, liver support and saline.  I was now feeding and watering her every 4 hours using a syringe with small amounts of food and immune building muti as she was too weak to eat on her own, even though she desperately tried to, bless her little heart. Most times, we made it outside in time for a tinkle then she was too weak to even attempt to go outside.

The last 48 hours of her precious life were horrific as she was crying out in pain, battling to get sufficient oxygen and fitting.  I couldn’t bare seeing her suffer so.  It has been the most traumatic thing to endure and there was nothing I could do to help her or stop the gut wrenching pain!  I kept telling her how much I loved her and it was okay to let go, to go peacefully, to be pain free and I would be with her and hold her until the end. I did.

Rest gently sweet beautiful girl, you were very loved and the most wonderful dear companion I could ask for.  I miss you desperately and home is incomplete without you.

I love you.

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45 thoughts on “Tribute: Goodbye sweet beautiful girl <3

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  2. foguth says:

    First I clicked ‘like’, then I had the horrid thought that someone could misconstrue what I meant by that. I do NOT like that such a precious kitty became so ill that she crossed the rainbow bridge. I DO like to know we aren’t the only ones who get claimed by furry ones (vs. shop for a pet). I DO like that you had a wonderful, loving time together, and will have those warm memories. And, I Do like the fact you took the time to write a tribute.

  3. Crystal Stewart says:

    So sorry about your loss.?? Lovely tribute but a sad story.I’m sure it’s to early to think about whether or not you’ll get another cat but I hope you do. Always hard to lose part of the family and sounds like this cat was part of your family. Once again sorry about your loss.?? The Rainbow Bridge has another another angel and there will be another bright star added to the sky.

  4. choosingmyperspective says:

    I can’t speak. I doubt that I can coherently write as I am in right now the final days with my beloved Heart-Cat Zorro. For 17 years he has been the other half of the closest, most intimate animal relationship I have ever experienced. I have had a duck, many dogs, rats, mice, a snake, birds and fish, many rescued wild critters too many to name, and even over 100 Giant Spiny Australian Leaf Bugs.

    But my Zorro…he’s the one.

    I will tell you that your post has given me such courage to stick by my locally very unpopular stand. ”

    “Ah save yourself the Vet bills and just put him down. It’s just a cat!”

    Nope, it will be me an Zorro until the end.

    Thank you.

    • thecompletebook says:

      Non cat (animal) people don’t seem to grasp the concept how we feel about our pets, they are truly family and it is equally as devastating to us when they pass. Thank you for your lovely words about our sweet girl. I miss her desperately every day and battle to see her beautiful photos still. xoxo

    • Marc-André says:

      So sorry to hear that you are going through this with Zorro at the moment. And yes people that make those statements just don’t understand how much our fur friends are part of the family! <3

  5. Stell R Star says:

    I have noticed that all cats seem to have a powerful way about them, which CHOOSES you. The way in which they rub against your legs. The way in which they slow blink ‘I love you.’ The way in which they curl up at the foot of the bed. The way in which they stand up to put their front paws on your shoulder, just to rub their chin against your nose. There has always been a cat in my life. What is most difficult is choosing to accept the powerlessness at the end, to let them go out of my life. You may not always have the ability to control events, but you never let the belief that they have chosen you fade. It is so hard to let go of their beautiful life, which is why you never really do. A special cat and a special person. They needed you, much more than you can ever know. The power of your love for them remains forevermore.

  6. thecompletebook says:

    Thank you all for your heartfelt beautiful words about our precious little girl. I am still beyond devastated and quite often think I see her walking into the room or down the passage. She will always remain in our hearts.
    Mandy xoxoxo

  7. RoseyToesMeows says:

    So heartbreaking. I lost one of my babies almost a year ago, and still she’d tears over him, and miss him dearly. He was 2yrs and 4 months old, but in that time he’d made such an impact on my life, as truly was s family member. So, as with others, I totally understand what you’re going through Mandy.
    Try to keep in mind all the good, happy memories you have of her, and push away memories of her last days. Let the happy memories be at the forefront of your mind.
    Most importantly, as you’ve already said yourself, she will always be in your heart. You loved her dearly, and she knew that.
    Sending you big hugs. Take care Mandy. ??

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