Renegade & Nubia: The new Water Fountain

Hi everyone,

It’s me Rennie once again and my sister Nubia and I are testing a new water fountain from Petsafe today.

Renegade: *Sniff sniff* I wonder if I can get meat flavoured water…

Nubia: That sounds disgusting Rennie! Water has to be clean and fresh! :O

Renegade: You are right! But now… what’s the easiest way to drink from this. The top or the bottom?

Nubia: Courtesy to us would mean you should drink from the bottom!

Renegade: Alright I shall drink from the top that’s easier! 😀

Nubia: I am guessing he didn’t even listen to me… :O

Nubia: Now… will this water taste of Rennie. 🙁

Renegade: Are you trying to say I am dirty. :O

Nubia: Of course not…. 😉

Nubia: This fountain certainly is a lot quieter than our old one.

Nubia: And maybe Rennie is right it does taste nice from the top. 😀

Renegade: TOLD YOU!!!

Renegade: Yes?

Renegade: Actually it tastes nice from the bottom too. 😀

Nubia: Gosh… make up your mind brother. ;o

Renegade: But isn’t this one of the benefits of this fountain. 😉

Nubia: Well I suppose you are right! In fact our humans thought it was great that we can drink from both the top and the bottom.

Renegade: See! I am the smarter one. 😀

Nubia: Sure sure… if you think so. ;o

Renegade: The humans also said they thought this fountain looks much nicer than our old one and as you mentioned it’s a LOT quieter.

Nubia: Indeed and there are no exposed parts of the pump for Oli to play with. Because that’s what he used to do with our old fountain. 😮

Renegade: I suppose we should point out to our readers which model this one was and where to get it?

Nubia: I was getting to that! So this particular fountain is called the Drinkwell® Sedona Pet Fountain and it’s available in most countries via the Petsafe online shop for the relevant country or through their retail partners and Amazon.

Renegade: Right I am off to cause some mischief. 😀

Nubia: *Sigh* I better keep an eye on him.

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
Prince Renegade the Maker of Chaos


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5 thoughts on “Renegade & Nubia: The new Water Fountain

  1. RoseyToesMeows says:

    Water fountains are a great way to encourage your cat to drink more ?
    I love the look of this fountain, and it holds a good amount of water which is great for a multi-cat household. My only criticism would be that for the price band it’s in, I’d expect the drinking bowl to be ceramic or toughened glass rather than plastic.

    • Marc-André says:

      The inside tower is made of ceramic 🙂

      It’s the outside that’s made of plastic. But in comparison to one we had completely made of ceramic this is actually a lot lighter when empty yet heavy enough when full.

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