Merlin and Rhiannon Valerian Toy Testimonies 

Merlin and Rhiannon Valerian Toy Testimonies 

Hey, Rhiannon, check out this owl valerian toy I got from the Katzenworld Shop sent all the way from the UK! (We live in NC, USA) Let’s see if you like it.

What’s this interesting smell?

Aw, this is nice.

“Hey, whatcha got there,” asked Merlin aka The Bruiser.

Mine, all mine!

I think I purred and gone to heaven…

Testimony from Merlin and Rhiannon’s human slave – Merlin isn’t allowed catnip as he becomes very naughty and wants to bite and scratch Rhiannon or me. He behaved very well with the valerian owl toy and I ordered more from the Katzenworld Shop. Perhaps, it will calm him down on his next dreaded vet visit?

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