Oliver & Nubia: Stylish Moments

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today with a new set of cat collars for me and my brother Oliver!

Nubia: And look how cute I look with the collar. 🙂

Nubia: Our new collars came from KittyRama who sent them in a lovely presentation box and wrapping:

Nubia: In addition to my orange one we got an extra Blue and Purple one for my brother.

Nubia: The collar fits nice and snug around my neck without pulling any fur. And of course it’s got nice details such as the fish design on the side. But wait fish?!?

Nubia: Human! Why is it that my collar has a fish and Oliver’s has a crown?!?

Oliver: Obvious sister! Because I am king and you are smelly like a fish. 😀

Nubia: Brother… does that mean you’ll wear a collar without complaint today? And I am NOT smelly…

Oliver: Waaaaaah I don’t want to wear a collar….

Nubia: Don’t be a wuss! It’s soft and comfy!

Oliver: Fine…. I’ll try it on!

Oliver: Alright sister… you are right this one is comfy and snug BUT…. I want one that makes me look dangerous! Not cute…

Nubia: Nothing would achieve that brother… just give up. :s

Nubia: So you wonder what’s so special about these? It’s super comfortable as the collar is made of high quality silicone which best of all is hypoallergenic! 🙂

Oliver: Plus it makes it pretty easy to spot sister in the dark with those bright colours. ;o

Nubia: Now if brother wouldn’t keep interrupting I would have told you already that you can get them in their online shop. Prices start at £9.99 and include postage within the UK.

Signed by
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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5 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Stylish Moments

  1. Grace, the Ultimate Cat Lover says:

    Love the collars! They look great on you and complement your fur. Both of you have the “good cat lip” gene that makes your smile really shine! My Mommy Housefolk says I have good cat lips too. I should have known, considering my new
    lounging spot is on the dresser in front of the mirror. I think I’ll go beg to go outside now; I’m bored with sleeping.
    Be seeing you,

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