Carcassonne Bob: Saying goodbye…

Our dear friend Yvonne has had to let go of her flat in Carcassonne. Yesterday the last of the boxes were loaded onto the movers truck. Monsieur Bob, from downstairs, came in for a final inspection. He found it rather disappointing as there was little in investigate. But he did allow for some final cuddles and photos.

Bob has been the un-official greeter for the neighborhood. He is very wise and realizes that any open door, be it a car or home, is an engraved invitation for him to appear. Ever obliging, if you have been out and are heading for the door he will be more than happy to see you safely inside. 

Bob was but a few months old when he came to live in the downstairs flat with Laure and Maxime. They are avid cat lovers and have rescued many. There are always several cats in residence as Laure and her fellow rescuers search for good homes. Bob happened to stay. But who could resist such a charmer.

He was but a few months old when this human first met him and Yvonne and I had been invited to have dinner with friends a few streets over. Bob saw his duty and immediately volunteered to walk these two women a few streets over. Then he showed his true colors. Not content to see us there safely, he proceeded through the front door of the house with us and began investigating the premises. There were two cats in residence and one of them was not pleased nor amused. The other, ignored this intruder. Of course this was no obstacle for our tireless crusader who proceeded to make himself at home. He stayed throughout dinner entertaining everyone, except the two cats in residence, then excused himself and went home. 

Bob is a true celebrity. He welcomes all new cats that come into his home regardless if they are fostered cats who are waiting for their forever home or permanent additions to the family. He is much appreciated by Laure and Maxime and keeps a watchful eye on them.

Like Bob, we all wish Yvonne well and hope it won’t be much longer before she can welcome that elusive ginger tabby she longs for. Let’s face it, a house without a cat or two…

Au revoir

A human in France

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14 thoughts on “Carcassonne Bob: Saying goodbye…

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Phew, when I read “saying goodbye” i feared it was another story of euthanising (of which I have had my fill for 2017, there are only so many tears you can cry). Glad that this time it was just saying goodbye to somebody else’s cat – which hopefully is around a long time still to greet new neighbours.

      • franhunne4u says:

        I am not saying Yvonne won’t be missed, just that I am happy not to read about another feline dying, had to read a lot of these stories this year and my heart broke for their humans.

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  3. angela1313 says:

    Giving up one’s flat in a great city is never easy. Saying goodbye is hard and surely to a great soul like Monsieur Bob it is very hard.. Perhaps it is better to say au revoir.

  4. simon7banks says:

    Sounds a bit like a cat I once encountered when local election canvassing. (S)he attached him/herself to me at the start of the street and waited patiently each time I knocked or rang the bell, looked with interest into the houses where the door opened, was not the least bit fazed when someone came to the door with a dog and finally disappeared somewhere near the end of the street.

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