Guest Star: The story of Cami & Guava

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest story comes from Alain Cami and Guava! 🙂

When Cami was found by his foster Susan he was nursing on a possum.
Susan cared for him and brought him home and that’s when he met Guava. Guava was put in the feral room by the so-called shelter and Susan came just in time to save her, set a relief in the middle of the night.
Susan is an amazing person and has been a great force in my life these last four years and I thank the universe every day for her and there are literally hundreds of cats out there in Los Angeles that are alive because of her and her work with KittCrusaders, a Los Angeles cat rescue organization.
When these two met it was a bond that can never be broken, Cami and Guava are literally inseparable. They have nursed me through 7 very painful hand surgeries in the last 3 years that they have been with me.
Every human says that their wonderful cats are special and I am just as human as anyone else. Cami is like having a cartoon character living with you. And Guava is his yang.
When I got her Susan’s husband told me that when she loves Guava loves with everything she knows how to do and that is so true.
My closest family is in France and so these two are my family and I wake up each morning so grateful to have them in my life.
We hope you enjoyed today’s story. 🙂
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16 thoughts on “Guest Star: The story of Cami & Guava

  1. Bonjour! Cami and Guava! Also to Alain who we assume is your human? Our human left California for la belle France. A delightful post. Your newest cousins on the Mediterranean, mademoiselle Colette and madame Simone, oh yes, and our human, Léa

    1. Merci Mademoiselle Colette, Madame Simone et Léa,
      Oui Alain est notre human et on le garde parce que il nous amuse et puis il nous donne à manger.
      Il faut pas dire à Alain que nous parlons en français parce que il croit qu’on le comprend pas,
      Cami’s et Guava

  2. What a great love story! Ppl like Susan are like steward of God little creatures. Thank you for your kindness.

  3. What an amazing story. We humans have so much to be grateful for with our furbabies. I thank God everyday for my amazing furbabies.

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