Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – Sleep Disturbances

Hi everyone,

We are back for the sixth installment of The amazing adventures of Oliver & Nubia!

Today’s is all about a typical night in the live of our two little felines… Oliver happily asleep dreaming of juicy mice not expecting that his sister has over plans for him and our bed!


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21 thoughts on “Adventures of Oliver & Nubia – Sleep Disturbances

  1. That brings back memories of when I had two cats that like to sleep under the covers in winter. I had to make sure they were separated by my body (side sleeper…me) so they wouldn’t fight.

    1. These two are not too bad unless Nubia slashes her tail. even when she is relaxed her tail tends to swoosh all over the place at times… 😮

      Or of course if she decides the bed should be only for HER!

  2. These drawings are ADORABLE!!! You’ve really captured the essence of quirky kitty behaviour! Love them!

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