Our visit to Kitty Café – Nottingham: Cute or Naughty?

Hi everyone,

We are back once again with more adorable photos of more adoptable kittens from the Kitty Cafe in Nottingham. If you’ve missed Part 3 don’t forget to check it out here.

Today’s post is all about this adorable cute and cuddly black kitten!

When we first spotted the little one he (we assume he simply because of his naughtiness! 😉 ) was on a well used scratcher sofa. 😮

Of course being a kitten… he was full of energy so he didn’t remain calm and cuddly for too long!

Before we knew he was climbing up the wall-mounts left right and centre!

And when… we turned around and looked again…


… he literally went FLYING through the room. Like we said a naughty and agile kitty. We think he would have made the purrfect adoptable sun for Nubia. 🙂

More from the cafe soon. 😉



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24 thoughts on “Our visit to Kitty Café – Nottingham: Cute or Naughty?

  1. This kitten sounds adorable! I personally think kittens should be naughty/mischievous, and of course full of energy (in between kitten naps). Wonderful photos again. 😃

  2. Did you ask Nubia about this? After all she doesn’t often want to share with Oliver.
    Although I guess you wouldn’t want to bring him home without checking first.

    1. Haha I don’t think Nubia would appreciate it. 😉

      She says there are enough black and black and white cats living here already. ;o

  3. That gorgeous little black kitten reminds me of my Grendal, who is now 13, who we adopted from a shelter, he is still lively now, and this little scamp so reminds me of him! Adorable! 🙂

    1. Oh! We migrated to a business plan so I wonder if that messed up your email alert on WordPress. Do you know how to check your blog subscriptions to force re enable it?

        1. Ah this is odd… I can ask WordPress to check out your subscription and email you if you’d like. Since I pay for a business plan they are usually quick to look into problems. Drop me an email to marc@katzenworld.co.uk with your username and I’ll get them to check it out! 🙂

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