Our visit to Kitty Café – Nottingham: The Princess

Hi everyone,

This the third part of our Kitty Café – Nottingham and today we are going to look at an especially cute kitty AND of course… the food available for humans! If you’ve missed the previous post please click here.

While don’t know what her name was we decided to call her princess simply because she looked so regal. 😉

While we were having our lunchtime snack she decided to sit under our table, possibly hoping we’d loose some of our food which was NOT fit for cat consumption!

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We had 2 pots of tea and some lovely home made gateau (cake). Both the teas and the cake were absolutely delicious which might explain why our little guest under the table was licking her lips… No don’t worry we didn’t give her any. 😉

We were extremely tempted to take her home but something tells me that Nubia would have been extremely jealous if we had done that. 😉

Of course she wasn’t the only cat that “interrupted” our lunch time snack!

While keeping an eye on the cheeky Calico eyeing our snacks we also admired some of the other decoration and hiding places for the cats.

We will be back with more photos of our trip shortly. 😀



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17 thoughts on “Our visit to Kitty Café – Nottingham: The Princess

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  2. Heather Jenkinson says:

    Thanks for sharing, I now have put the cafe on my list of must-visit places, the photos are beautiful, I am going to work this morning now with a smile on my face! 🙂

    • Marc-André says:

      🙂 glad I helped to make a day start of on a good note. And if you do go you’d be most welcome to do a follow up post about the cafe on our blog. ^^

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