Who are you calling fat?!?

Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite two cats here today. ; )

And we are NOT amused with our humans…

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Nubia: Oli… Do you think our humans are trying to say that my bum is getting too fat?!?

Oliver: Hmmmm it says “Fat Cat Slim”! Surely they are not saying we are getting chubby…

Nubia: I am afraid I think that’s exactly what they are saying Oli. 🙁

Nubia: Well… Since it’s here let’s give it a go anyway! 😮

Nubia: Oli! You have to try it too it’s great. 😀

Oliver: Fine let’s give it a go…

Oliver: I suppose it’s alright…

Nubia: You are only saying that because you don’t want to admit that this food tastes delicious!!!

Nubia: Aha! Caught on camera! You are LOVING it. 😀

Oliver: Fine fine… It tastes really nice. 😀

Nubia: What’s even better is that Meowing Heads only uses top quality ingredients to ensure that us felines get what we deserve. They offer a wide range of wet and dry food as part of their cat food range.

Oliver: And the Fat Cat Slim food that we trialled today is actually purrfectly designed for us indoor only cats. What’s even better it’s totally grain free – some people forget that we don’t need carbs so it’s great to see a cat food without these. 😀

Nubia: We hope you liked our fun review and will share this with your fellow felines and humans alike. 😀

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace

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9 thoughts on “Who are you calling fat?!?

  1. Hooray! Fat Cat Slim sounds like a win-win (tastes great AND helps keep you slim, Oli and Nubia!

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