Relaxing with the Friday Art Cat

Watercolor painting of cat sniffing a flower.

Welcome warmness! Welcome green! Welcome all the flowering things! It may already be sweltering where you are, or maybe you are heading into winter, but the cats are reveling in dappled sun puddles and cool nights. That’s because your Art Cat resides near the 45th parallel, where, on the date of the summer solstice, we will experience almost 17 hours of daylight!

Watercolor painting of cat sniffing a flower.

All of that pending luminescence inspires love and gentleness in the usually persnickety Art Cat. It’s quite possible that she requires a healthy dose of vitamin D to feel happy, just like her human. But, whatever your coordinates on the globe, the Friday Art Cat hopes you can take some time to smell the flowers.

Carol Parker Mittal is an artist and teacher living in Northern Michigan who goes completely crazy with happiness when the sun is out and warmth returns to the north. You can check out her blog about art and cats at Art is Not for Sissies. 

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