Oliver: So you’ve managed to find me?

Hi everyone,

It took me a while but I managed to eventually get my sister OFF my Finley & Farquhar pet duvet… If you happen to have missed her deciding to invade my favourite place in the whole wide world you can find this here.

Oliver: This particular version of the pet duvet makes a perfect little pocket… Just the right size for little m to slip in and hide almost entirely unnoticed. 😀


Oliver: Most of the times all you can see are my pinky paws… Wouldn’t want to get too warm in there so keeping them out for some heat circulation. ;o


Oliver: What? You’ve come again… and I can smell…


Oliver: TREATS! Time to come out for a bit! 😀

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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31 thoughts on “Oliver: So you’ve managed to find me?

  1. You look so cosy and cute in there Oliver 😀
    We have a blocked off tunnel type bed from Filey and Farquhar, very similar to yours only with a round base.
    A number of our cats like it, but our little moggy boy has claimed it has his own. He snuggles right into it, and we can’t see him at all.
    They’re great quality beds. 😀

  2. We got something like this for our other cat. She never used it. But our two girls like it. One likes to sleep on top. While the other one prefers to use it properly. She gets all the way inside and we don’t even know she is there. This one is super cute with the peeking kitty faces!

        1. One prefers in and the other outside. Tho she has tried a few times to sleep on top WHILE Oliver was inside… didn’t last very long if you know what I mean. 😉

  3. hello oliver its dennis the vizsla dog hay their yoo ar hiding in the krinkel sak!!! the noo kitties heer hav krinkel saks but havent yoozed them mutch yet maybe they wil like them mor wen they ar bigger!!! the kitties i meen not the saks!!! ha ha ok bye

    1. They may very well. 🙂 Oliver didn’t like it as a wee kitten to have these but very much as a teenager and adult 😀

  4. My cats usually sleeps on top of something like this! Often when I’m laid on my sofa i put my feet inside it and the cat sleep on the top 😀

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