Your Feral Friday Art Cat

Trickle Down; painting by Carol Parker Mittal

I can’t tell you how many cats I’ve either rescued, or fed on a regular basis, who have lived all or part of their lives in drainage pipes. From the feline perspective, it’s nearly a perfect place to hide out. Dark, self-contained, easy to defend from a predator, an irresistible hidey hole. But, drainages are also dank, and at high water times, filled with polluted runoff. Cats that live there often have respiratory problems and are difficult to rescue if they get stuck (kittens are notorious for this.) Seriously, it just can’t be pleasant. Imagine the desperation of the cat who chooses this life.Trickle Down; painting by Carol Parker MittalSo, in honor of all those who survive by sneaking around in culverts, here is a portrait. May they stay safe, stay warm, and stay healthy.

Carol Parker Mittal is an artist and teacher living in Northern Michigan who is currently trying to clean out her studio so she can make room for more art. You can check out her blog about art and cats at Art is Not for Sissies. 

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13 thoughts on “Your Feral Friday Art Cat

  1. heimdalco says:

    I LOVE the detail in the painting … especially the ear tip amputation that indicates the cat has been spayed / neutered in a feral cat spay / neuter program. Lovely painting.

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