Purrsday Poetry: Sniff Sniff Purrr

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Fny.

I breathe.

In, out.

In, out.

Every breath lets me sink,

deeper into relaxation.

Deeper into myself.

Deeper into the Earth.

I breathe.

In, out.

In, out.

Every breath lets —


I tease my eyes open just a bit and come face to face with Caspar’s fluff and glimmering eyes.  Hrgnhg.

I breathe.

In, out.


Caspar licks my nose, it tickles.

Caspar bites my nose, eeeeeii!

I wrestle the furry monster down to lay by my side instead.

Starting over, eyes closed.


In, out.


Stretching and reaching, Caspar paws at my nose.

He likes my nose.



In, out.

A cat’s claw tickles my ear. Then my lip.

Then back to my nose.


Gods damnit, this isn’t working.

I give up on meditating and cuddle the cat instead.



Poem by Fny.

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15 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Sniff Sniff Purrr

  1. Love it, if I was relaxing on the settee MM used to check on me by standing on my chest and staring into my face, so close I could feel her breath, purr and whiskers. If I opened my eyes she was satisfied, if I didn’t a short sharp nip on the elbow or foot followed, just to check I was o.k.

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