Oliver & Nubia: Adventures on the Watchtower!

Hi everyone,

It’s Oliver here today and in case you are wondering what I am balancing on it’s the Kalven Tower Penthouse, though my sister and I have nicknamed it the Watchtower.


Oliver: *Sniff sniff* This looks and smells pawesome. 😀


Oliver: But the question is… how am I going to get up… I can’t see any steps or stairs!

Nubia: Silly brother… You are meant to climb up! 😀

Oliver: See sister I made it! Will you come up too?


Nubia: I really want to… but with my three legs! 😦

Oliver: I’ll find a way for you!

Oliver: Sister! I have an idea on how you might get here!

Nubia: Ok I am listening… It better not involves a crane!

Oliver: No no it doesn’t! 😀

Oliver: See… It’s currently close enough to our old scratchy tower. You can climb or jump across! 😀

Nubia: Hmmmm…. let me try. 😮

Nubia: Yes! I got up! 😀


Nubia: And this is soooooo comfy… Right this is MINE you shall not have it Oli!

Oliver: Ok… but we may have to find a location to help you get up and down!

Nubia: What are we going to do about that? All shall be revealed soon! 😀

Oliver: Meanwhile don’t forget to check out the full range of cat towers over at Kalven.

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Maker of Mischief
His Meowjesty King Oliver the Disturber of Peace


40 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Adventures on the Watchtower!

          1. I wish. Although, I looked on the website and I didn’t see the option for the “cuddle platform” (I don’t know what it is called) I just saw a FLAT platform. Nubia and Oliver are special. (Well, of course, but they get special stuff?)


          2. Hi Crystal. Although some cats are capable of adapting to an exclusively indoor life, it cannot replicate the requirements that meet a cat’s natural and instinctive needs, such as hunting and establishing and maintaining territory. There are certainly circumstances under which owners may prefer to keep their cats inside and in these instances the indoor environment, along with the type of interactions between owner and cat, should be adjusted to allow them to exercise their innate needs.

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          3. I do agree with your comment. However, I just hate seeing stray cats that people either leave, don’t take care of and want them to have a home. I don’t mind cats if they go outside and then go back home. In fact, our one cat that we put out was chained so she would not run away. she had plenty of room to run even when chained. I don’t like seeing cats or any animal not be taken care of. I used to know a family that hit their poor dog.

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