Purrsday Poetry: Lunch Nudge

Lunch Nudge

By Sara Codair


focused on a wordy screen

until a black cloud

obscures my sight.


Fluff in my face

tickles my nose –

a feather duster

made of fur.


I sneeze.

He leaps.

Paws thud

on carpeted floor.

Trilling chirps

precede the tail

that floats

like a periscope

as it wanders

towards the kitchen.


Trills evolve,

meows break

like rollers

in my ears.


Fluff rubs

on bare calves.

Feathered tail

caresses knees.


Meows demand

what’s in the can

be transferred

to the bowl.


I obey.

Purrs rumble

out of the fluff.



the kitty eats

while I stand guard.


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Sara Codair lives in a world of words, writing fiction in every free moment, teaching writing at a community college and binge-reading fantasy novels. When not lost in words, Sara can often be found hiking, swimming, or gardening. Find Sara’s words in Helios Quarterly, Secrets of the Goat People, The Centropic Oracle, at https://saracodair.com/ and @shatteredsmooth.


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18 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Lunch Nudge

  1. I’ve had a similar experience time and time again with my cats but never thought to write a poem about it. Love this! Very witty, detailed and well written.

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