Guest Star: Effi – The Scottish Fold

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest Story from Effi and his family!

It’s been 5 years since Effi Joined our family. He is a Scottish fold breed, and we adopted him when he was 3 months old. We could not even imagine how much fun and laugh he will bring into our home, but looking back at those year, and now seeing how our little daughter is loving him, this is priceless

So meet Effi, this is on his first days with us


Effi is so gentle and comfortable cat, which one cannot believe this is used to be a predator

On his free time (and he has plenty of it…) he likes practicing Yoga…here is an example of a cat position:


Sometimes we think Effi is a human being. Really. He has this postures you will never think a cat can have. But then well, he’s a cat…that’s what cat’s are all about…surprising us each time over and over…


From Day one since our daughter was born, we knew it’s gonna be a perfect match. Look at one of her first pictures in the hospital – as if they were twins J


Off course if you ask Effi, he was there before…so everything belongs to him…but sometimes he does share…


So they get along really good – She keeps running after him, and he keeps running away…great collaboration and harmony…

But sometimes Effi prefer to chill and find a place where he can relax, and see us from

above… so he hops on his Katzy hammock, which we especially created for him…

Here is the first time he saw the first model of the hammock :


We started by putting some candies and catnip to motivate him to jump on.

And here he already got used to it:


And now he loves it ! Especially on winter time, watching outside through the window


Another game Effi likes is hiding around and let us find him. It can get difficult you know!

Here is only one example of it, and we have, many more that we usually post under his Instagram account @EffiTheCat:


That’s all for now. Hope you liked Effi, and if you did, please leave your comments ! we have plenty of cool pictures of him, on his Instagram account @EffiTheCat or facebook page @Katzy

Cheers J

Lior and Marina


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35 thoughts on “Guest Star: Effi – The Scottish Fold

  1. franhunne4u says:

    What was your reason to get a cat from a breed instead of a “normal” cat (there is no such animal as a normal cat, I know)?
    I am not criticising you for it, far from it, your little family is happy the way you are, so who I am to say it should be different. I just genuinely want to know why people get a cat from a certain breed instead of one of the many little unhappy cats in animal shelters.

  2. atrangizindagieksafar says:

    All the cats I have have been rescued cats…. and they are awesome Company. Though I am a dog person and have three dogs but my dogs also have now become used to having cats piggy back on them… working with dogs came naturally to me… and I had to learn the cats way… but each of my cat… Snowbell, meow and angel are gems. Angel is the latest addition to my family. She is a 2week old rescued kitten whose mom abandoned her. Today she is 3wks and by his grace grow up to be a beautiful kitty. Though she takes up all my time with every 2hrs of feeding… I’m actually sleep starved and want her to grow up fast so that she can feed herself and poop in the litter box.

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