Guest Star: J is for Jake…..

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Jake and his mother human companion:

J is for Jake…


This is Jake.

Cue the scene where I look at the ‘Kitten’ my brother had and murmured the immortal words “You’ll soon have to get her to the Vet.”  Then several weeks later I got the phone call she’s had kittens.

After moving in with my now Ex I lost my cat Charlie and was looking around for a kitten.  So after visiting my brother I decided that I wanted the black and white kitten and the tabby and white kitten of the four.   There was just the matter of getting my Ex to agree.   My brother was going to keep the fat little grey kitten and then news came that the Black and White one was going to another home.  Leaving me with Jake a brown tabby and his brother who was tabby and white.

Somehow the Ex agreed.

Not long after came the news that the home for the black and white one fell through.  So now I had three kittens.  Because obviously.

It was decided at some point that my brother wasn’t going to keep the little grey one and my Ex said “If you are going to have three you might as well have four.”
Of course he was being sarcastic but he should have realised sarcasm doesn’t work on cat people. We’re immune to it.    So anyway I came home with four little kittens that I named Smudge, Piglet, Jake, and Jasper.

Years go by, the Ex moves out.  (Not because of the cats though!). Jasper the tabby and white one disappears and I never find even a trace of him despite putting posters around the village.  Then more years pass and I come home one night to find Smudge had been run over.

Jake pined.  Even though he and Smudge hadn’t seemed to get on that well, he moped around the house and looked for her.  (Cue heading to Cats Protection and getting some kittens but that is another story!)


Somehow Jake went from being the overlooked tabby cat to my beloved. He was a special cat; he often blended into the background amongst cuter brother and sisters.  He could be jealous and would often knock my hand away from one of my other cats to get my full attention.  When he curled up on my pillow at night I would get frustrated at him but he persisted until he got the place he wanted.

Jake had a heart condition and I was lucky to have him for the 14 years that I did.   Especially one year, he became ill with pneumonia.  It was a Bank Holiday weekend and the vet told me that with his history that it was only a matter of time for him but if I wanted he would come out.

That night I left the heating on all night, Jake was camped out in front of the heat vent and by his side was his sister Piglet.  She curled up with him as though knowing that it could be the last time we had him.   He couldn’t keep food down but I was able to feed him some rice pudding.


When he recovered every time I opened a tin of rice pudding he was by my side demanding his portion. He would even sneak up to me and reach for the spoon to try and get it.

My mum took a turn for the worse after a long period of illness and I ended up nursing her for three weeks. On my return home I took one look at Jake and knew that I had to make the last visit to the vet.  When I made the appointment I cried for hours and putting him into the cat carrier felt awful.  I didn’t know it at the time but it was a week before my mum died.

I knew that when I lost Jake it would only be a matter of time before his sister Piglet went too.  She declined fast and in April 2014 she died in my arms just three months after Jake.  I know that I grieved more for Piglet than I did for Jake and although I  feel guilty about it I knew that I’d been preparing myself to lose him for the last two years of his life plus his death was soon superseded by that of my mother’s.  But I know I still miss him.

I still have my three Cats Protection ‘kitten’s’. They are coming up to 9 years old now and I’m clinging on to them as much as I can considering my present personal circumstances.  They are happy and healthy, and more importantly they still love me.


Thank you for reading their story which was originally posted here and don’t forget to email us if you’d like to have your own story featured.

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31 thoughts on “Guest Star: J is for Jake…..

  1. der einsiedler says:

    liebe tierfreunde, möchtet ihr nicht ein foto von eurem tier auf meiner seite “tierfreunde” posten? schaut sie euch mal an. über euer bild würde ich mich wirklich sehr freuen. hier der link:
    ein besuch auf dieser seite ist wie gassi gehen mit dem hund, schnell findet man mit seinem tierischen freund freundliche kontakte mit andern tierfreunden.
    liebe grüsse aus andalusien

  2. Ana Mari Pérez Marin says:

    Lovely JAKE!!!!

    2016-10-29 8:01 GMT+02:00 Katzenworld :

    > Marc-André posted: “Hi everyone, Today’s guest post comes from Jake and > his mother human companion: J is for Jake… This is Jake. Cue the scene > where I look at the ‘Kitten’ my brother had and murmured the immortal words > “You’ll soon have to get her to the Vet.” T” >

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  4. bhaatdal says:

    I loved the title as my name is J J for Jyotsna but my excitement gone very soon as the write is so sad at times .. cats are my favourite , I feel I have some connection with them as I don’t own one but everytime I come in contact with any they feel very cozy and comfortable with me 🙂

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