Sushi Cats and Katzenworld HQ makes Sushi! @YutakaNews

Hi everyone,

Today we are doing a slightly different post from our usual ones. 😉

On one of our last Japan trips we came across these cute little Sushi Cats in one of Japan’s capsule machines! And we of course couldn’t resist putting in a few hundred yen.


The three little cats immediatly gave us the idea that once back home we should try and make our own Sushi! While this didn’t happen immediately we found out about the Yutaka Sushi Making kit for two a few months after our initial idea. And thus after we got our hands on it the Sushi Cats got to sit around our own homemade Sushi. ;D

Luckily we’ve got a few sets of chopsticks so we were able to make it as authentic as possible. 🙂

And it’s not as difficult to make this as some of you may think! The set for two people came with everything you need to make the sushi:

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While it comes with a detailed instruction booklet it’s also got a handy japanese style quick start guide:


Now… while you don’t need a Japanese rice cooker as we own one of these we couldn’t resist using it for this as we own a little Zojirushi rice cooker!


These are simple to use and you just put the rice and correct amount of water in the cooker:

Just needed to make sure we used our Sushi rice setting (which so far we had not used) to produce purrfect rice. 😀

We took the rice (above) out of the cooker bowl and put it in a glass dish to add the Sushi vinegar to flavour the rice.


Once mixed up we left the rice to cool down a bit and went on to get the other ingredients ready.

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Traditionally you’d use fresh Salmon but today we opted for Smoked Salmon simply because we don’t trust our local supermarket with the freshness of their fish. 😮 When making proper Sushi it’s important to get fresh fish! Additionally we cut up half an avocado to add something green to the sushi roll.s

Now that all ingredients are ready it was time to get out the rolling matt:

We placed one of the seaweed sheets on the matt


Next up was the rice. Remember this is a set for two so it came with two sheets! So we halved the rice and put half of it on the seaweed sheet.


The rice had to be spread out evenly


Once the rice was spread out it was time to get our avocado slices to lay them out on the bottom of the sheet just on top the rice.


Next we added our smoked salmon.

Following the instructions in the guide we used the rolling matt to compress all of this into a neat little roll!


We repeated the whole process with the second sheet and voila two compressed rolls are ready! 😀


The rolls were carefully cut into slices to have our little sushi presentation. 😀

Itadakimasu! (Just don’t eat our little sushi cats. 😉 )



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34 thoughts on “Sushi Cats and Katzenworld HQ makes Sushi! @YutakaNews

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    I was hungry before I read this. Now I really have to stop and fix something for my lunch. Something tells me it will need to be more than the tuna sandwich I planned.?

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