Oliver & Nubia: But we are best friends already…

Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite black cat Nubia here today! Can you believe that our human servants got us some Feliway friends today????


Nubia: Are they trying to say that Oli and me have issues???

Oliver: *Bites Nubia GENTLY*

Nubia: OI! What are you doing???


Oliver: Me? Nothing… honestly!


Nubia: Really? *Not amused* Right plug this in now humans…

A month and a bit after starting to use Feliway continously

Oliver: You are my most favourite sister in the whole WORLD. ❤

Nubia: So how does Feliway work? It is a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP), naturally produced by the mother after giving birth to help create a bond between her kittens.

Oliver: It’s been clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflict between cats.

Nubia: And while my brother thinks nothing changed our humans can certainly vouch that we have been getting along much much better than before. 😀 Oli even licks me without tearing my fur to shred…

Oliver: WHAT I never did that…

Nubia: Yeah right! Anyhow… Starter packs are available from Animed and they’ve also got re-fill packs of Feliway Friends.

Oliver: And of course the calming effect of these are especially welcome with the fith of November just over a week away! These dreaded noisy light flashes will be back once more… What do the humans celebrate there anyway???

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace


26 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: But we are best friends already…

  1. Wow, I need this! I have three males who need to be maintained under a separate but equal program. All of us dislike it but the screeching and violence otherwise adds too much disharmony and tension. Thanks for posting this. I’ll research it more.

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