Purrsday Poetry: A Ragamuffin Poem

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Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Emily Tyrell.

A Ragamuffin Poem

Muffin was a Ragamuffin
quite unlike any other cat;
he wasn’t very good at climbing,
as his belly was far too fat.

It swung from side to side,
when he ran towards a tree;
then when he’d jump, he’d fall with a thump
and lick at his poor, bruised knees.

The other cats would watch from above,
laughing and making fun of him;
they called him the chubby tree-hugger
that needed to go to the cat gym.

Muffin couldn’t change his belly,
he was simply born that way;
along with odd coloured whiskers,
and four paws that were a light, whitish grey.

Friendly, cute and caring,
he didn’t like to hunt;
he preferred chasing feathers and dust,
and sleeping by the porch front.

The other cats would watch from above,
laughing and making fun of him:
“Why are you so bad at chasing mice?” they would tease,
and not let him play or join in.

As the years went by, he grew quite large;
much bigger and heavier than the rest:
“Almost as big as a lion!” humans would say;
all agreeing he was their most favourite pet!

The humans clapped and cheered for him,
and stroked his long brown fur;
Muffin would smile proudly
and let out a big roaring purrrrrrrrrrrrr!

When Cassie the puppy arrived in late May,
Muffin was quite shocked and scared!
Soon they would bundle and play fight all day;
they made a rather wonderful pair.

Cassie may have been a dog
that sniffed and barked too much,
but they grew to be the best of friends;
trusting of each other and in love.

Cassie didn’t care that Muffin
was afraid of rain and grass;
she didn’t tease him like the other cats,
or look at his belly and laugh.

Cassie couldn’t climb either,
and didn’t hunt birds or mice;
Cassie liked playing ball and chase,
and protecting Muffin at night.

One day the other cats met Cassie,
and Cassie didn’t give them a bite;
Muffin gave them a lick on the ear
and said, “We can play nicely, if you would like?”

ragamuffin poem

Cassie, Muffin and the cats.
The cats said sorry for being so mean
and felt bad they couldn’t take it all back.

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