Nubia: Sharing is Caring?

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here. So my humans have done the unspeakable… They have bought a blanket that has BOTH my and my brother’s name on it!!!

Do they really expect that both of us will sleep on there together?!?


Nubia: Well it is nice and comfy…


Nubia: And I’ve found the purrfect solution to the problem! Now it’s a Nubia only blanket *evil laugh*


Nubia: Oh Oh… Have I heard my brother from over there? Quick let’s go and hide!


Oliver: Hmm…. What’s going on here…


Oliver: WHO has slept on my blanket!!! Aha… It smells like my sister…

Oliver: Maybe I should tell the humans to re-order one with Nubia and one with Oliver on it… Silly jealous sister it’s BIG ENOUGH for both of us to sleep on it. D:

Oliver: I guess you all would like to know where this is from? Our humans got this too from I Just Love It just like the cat food jar and the toy bag. 🙂

They do many customised items and part of their range are beautiful and cute gift ideas for your fur family and pet owning friends alike. 😀

The Personalised Pet Blankets come with the following options and specifications:

  • Personalise with your pets Name or a Message embroidered
  • Two warming colours (Chocolate & Burgundy)
  • 2 sizes (70 x 100cm, 100 x 140cm) (That should be big enough for two kitties to curl up! Baring in mind they are not as jealous as my sister. 😉 )

The price is £22.99 and just like with all of their items if you purchase three ore more of them delivery is free within the UK. 🙂

Delivery is available worldwide though and will be calculated during checkout!

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Signed by,


His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meojwesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace


31 thoughts on “Nubia: Sharing is Caring?

  1. Nubia, how did they dare?!!? I guess you need to have some serious words with your staff. *sigh* good staff is hard to get these days, isn’t it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sleeping together is rare! Her tail is not allowed to touch him as she flings it around… If the right position is achieved they do actually sleep next to each other tho lol


  2. Very pretty! Yodi got mad the other night because I pulled part of his throw to cover my feet. He started furiously pawing at it until. I gave it back. Danny fixed it for him and he laid down with his back to me. Spoiled brat!

    Liked by 1 person

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