Oliver: A Pink Jacket?!? Are you kidding me…

Hi everyone,

So I thought I’d get away with NOT having to wear a jacket when Nubia came back all excited about the great outdoors a few weeks back! But hell no the humans did “force” me to go out too. ;(


Oliver: Hopefully no one will see me in this ridiculous pink outfit… At least they could have gotten a manly colour for me! Surely this was intended for my sister…


Oliver: The grass is wet… My paws are going to get all dirty. 😡


Oliver: Omg! What was that… Oh it’s a bird. BIRD REALLY? OMG!!!! I want to catch it!!!


Oliver: Right how am I going to get across the wet grass without making my paws dirty and catch this bird…


Oliver: NUBIA!!! Where are you! I need to be rescued. 😮


Oliver: I am sure the entrance to our flat was here somewhere…


Oliver: At last! Safety!!!

Nubia: Did you enjoy your outdoor adventure?

Oliver: No

Nubia: Why so grumpy? o.o

Oliver: My paws got dirty. 🙁

Nubia: Wimp! You should have caught me a bird!!!!

Oliver: Ok… It was a bit of fun! 😮

Remember if you’d like to buy one for your own feline companion these are available from the Butterfly Cat jacket website for £12.

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Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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59 thoughts on “Oliver: A Pink Jacket?!? Are you kidding me…

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  3. The pink actually looked quite striking on him. I do sympathize about the wet grass. The humidity here doesn’t burn off the lawn until late morning or midday. My sandals get wet and pick up dirt and my feet get wet too. Ick!!

  4. That pink looks great with your distinguished fur… Purrseidon would have been rolling in the wet grass and getting stains all over the jacket.

      1. Purrseidon takes an active interest in gardening, as does Saphera, but Saphera takes things to extremes – one hole she dug last week was big enough for her to totally disappear into … please remember that she is a 100+ pound dog.

          1. She’s chased an armadillo a few times – we wondered if she thought she could trap it… doubtful, though, since those things are better diggers than she is.

          2. Armadillo! I only just saw one for the first time ever in a safari park this weekend just gone. They are very interesting animals =d

          3. They are a mega annoyance in the garden. Worse, they can be carriers of leprosy, so it isn’t wise to touch them.

          4. I hope not too! I don’t know if this is just in the US or not, but I’ve always been told not to touch armadillos due to them being carriers of disease. Can NOT image anyone putting one in a petting park!

  5. I used to walk my cat but only in our yard. With our new cats I am going to wait YEARS before we let them out otherwise, it will be non-stop “meow” to go outside.

    And, btw, you look SMASHING in pink, Oliver. Don’t worry so much about what might be perceived as a “manly” or “feminine” color. Just go with what looks good, and that bright pink looked gorgeous with your beautiful coloring! Next time – get that bird!

  6. Aww what a fun time Oliver must’ve had! We’re sure with a different colour harness he would feel more confident ? (I have faith he will get that bird for Nubia 😸) But in the end it’s safety that matters most right. Awesome post!

    1. Thank you 🙂 and yes safety first! If we had an enclosed garden I’d let them out on their own but not in the public one with dog walkers and god knows what else =x

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