Nubia: A jacket for me – To go Outside???

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today, for some reason my humans decided to force me to wear this PINK jacket the other day… At first I really didn’t like it and they kept saying that they need to get me used to it indoors first. But hold on indoors? I only live indoors! What are they talking about. 😮


Nubia: This is far too girly…


Nubia: I tried wiggling out but eventually the hoomins managed to put it on properly and I stopped resisting. 😮


Nubia: But the surprise was even bigger! Had I known that we were going on an outdoor adventure I would not have resisted in the first place!!! GRASS, GREEN. <3


Nubia: Oh! It’s the funny coloured cat that I normally only see from my window… Hope he stays over there out of reach.


Nubia: The question is what to do next…


Nubia: I wonder what’s over there… Let’s go check it out!


Nubia: A wall in the great outdoors? Really! Well I do hear a dog behind there… so maybe I shouldn’t jump over o.o

Nubia: Time to go back in!


Oliver: Where have you been Nubia! I was worried!

Nubia: Outdoors! 😀

Oliver: In the great horrible scary world? Well good I was forgotten inside…

Nubia: You never know… You might be next!

In the meantime let me tell you where to find this. The jacket is called the Butterfly Cat jacket and each one is hand-made for your cat. Because I only have three paws the lady even adjusted it a bit for me. <3

Now you may be thinking but why would you want to take your cat out on a harness and leash… Well unfortunately the world isn’t as safe for us as it should be.  Walking us on a harness is a great option for those indoor cats like myself that would like to go out every now and when but can’t due to safety concerns.

Each jacket can be put securely on us with strong and adjustable velcro and the leash gets connected to a strong metal d-ring.

If you’d like to buy one for your own feline companion these are available from their website for £12.

That’s it for now and don’t forget to sign-up for our Newsletter here.

Signed by,


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Destroyer of Peace

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81 thoughts on “Nubia: A jacket for me – To go Outside???

  1. Giovannoni Claudine says:

    Hi Marc-André THAT is a great idea! Since years we decided to to let our cats out anymore… in one week disapeared 6 of them which usually did come to feed in our home which was always open to stray cats. We are sure the finished in a pan since not very far from where we live is a ignoble person eating cats. Yes, you got it right. Awful and disgusting, but we don’t have any proof to take him in court.
    We prefered to keep our friends inside and fortunately we own a big house… actually a couple of them would like to go outside (we can tell since they always look at the feral cats coming to eat lunch & dinner outside in the patio). I’ll give a look at the website… Have a lovely day :-)claudine

      • Giovannoni Claudine says:

        Yes, but thousand of years are gone by and we are not anymore in the middle ages! Such bastards should be punished… especially since they know that these animals have families loving them deeply… 🙁 claudine

        • franhunne4u says:

          Stealing an animal is NEVER ok, I did not want to excuse that. It’s just – even though I’d never dream of eating dog or cat – he is not more of a villain for killing a dog or a cat than he would be of killing a neighbour’s lamb or pet rabbit.

      • portapatetcormagis says:

        No need to go back that far. I know from my grandfather that in the hunger winter of 1946 quite a few (stray) cats ended up as family dinner. BUT (big but!) this was to give food to a starving family. And the family often didn’t know, thinking it was another rabbit.

  2. portapatetcormagis says:

    Nubia doesn’t look too happy, poor thing.
    But I bet she’ll get used to her outdoor trip soon and will enjoy them.

    • Marc-André says:

      This was the first time we took her out. Nowadays she associates the harness with the outside, birds, grass etc and pushes herself into it LOL.

      I do think though that it is much easier to train cats to wear a harness for outside if you start with them as a kitten. In an ideal world all cats should be allowed freely outside but alas that isn’t possible… especially not in busy and dangerous (road wise) areas. 🙁

      • portapatetcormagis says:

        Our cat also was an indoor tiger because of a busy road nearby. She wasn’t very adventurous though, so it wasn’t a problem for her

        • Marc-André says:

          Nubia used to be an outdoor cat before we adopted her. But as she lost a paw during an adventure and a car the charity strongly recommended to not ever let her out alone.

          Oliver came from an indoor only house before we adopted him so the great outdoors is a bit frightening to him 😮

  3. samanthamurdochblog says:

    Nubia looks beautiful, the pink against her black fur, but as much as I ‘d like to dress my cats, I don’t think any of us would be very happy…great post with lovely pictures, thank you!

    • Marc-André says:

      I’d not ever dress them up as such. Only for the going out harness. 🙂

      Living in a flat means that with busy roads around means it’s not safe for them to be out on their own 🙁

      Well plans are to move to a place with a garden soon so fingers crossed for us. 😉

      • samanthamurdochblog says:

        Absolutely fingers crossed! I had a lovely Burmese when I was a little girl who would let me dress him in dolls clothes which is what I meant by dressing up…! Unfortunately(for me perhaps!) my current girls won’t entertain anything like that! I love the practicality and safety behind harnesses though, Charlie will wear a harness but the others protest violently….great post, thank you!

        • Marc-André says:

          Angel (as you may know 🙂 ) Doesn’t mind being dressed up at all by Lisa. I think it’s all down to how early they get used to those things.

          And after all there are naked cats that need little coats in the winter time haha xD

  4. T says:

    I take my cat for a walk too! I’m so happy we are not the only ones. The thing is we don’t have a detachable lead x

  5. FreeMurrli says:

    Nubia is really pretty. Murrli would not wear clothes as she would run as soon as you approach her with anything that would restrict her in any way – or she thinks would restrict her. 🙂

  6. puzzlesofthesoul says:

    What a smart jacket, I would love to have one for my cats to take them outside for a walk. I have tried a collar and lead and not very successful indoors so outdoors is out of the question and now it is too hot for them to walk outside burn their little paws.

    • Marc-André says:

      Collars are not secure enough with cats and may cause them pain around their neck if used with a lead. Once the weather is cooler I would try a harness. 🙂

  7. helentastic67 says:

    I was not liking where that was going for a moment. No, then you went out side! NNNOOO! Jamima gets to visit the backyard most days to get a nosh on some salad (grass) but it’s enclosed and no chance I can escape. No longer so interested in jumping fences…….it’s so nice inside and I have a lovely view outside from all the windows. The things that flutter outside make me anxious and I’m safe from the steady stream of pets on leashes that parade past every day. Otherwise, if I stay on the bed sooner or later my mum comes back to me!

  8. grannyK says:

    I have been thinking to get something like this so our babies can have outdoor adventures. This looks great! It looks like it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable like a regular harness.

  9. Gille says:

    ok that’s it. I’m buying 2!! They look great and good if you have a chunky cat that needs to lose weight.

  10. foguth says:

    Purrseidon is thrilled for you. .. she also loves your pink jacket – she has almost outgrown her own pink one, but that is a ife-jacket, not one of her harnesses. … She says that if you get a chance, find a tree to climb … birds live in them, but baby birds are horribly ugly, so don’t be scared if you see a baby bird.

      • foguth says:

        Purrseidon likes to climb the small oak (it’s about 10 years old) in the back yard, and will occasionally climb a tree when on a walk, but she’s usually good about coming down when called…. did get stuck in her own oak a couple times…. that was when she was learning to climb.

          • foguth says:

            Purrseidon loves to climb and is learning to climb our oak tree. She’s needed to be rescued a couple times. We suspect that moving upward is easier than downward, but aren’t sure why. For that matter, I prefer to climb up mountains than descend, so this could be something similar.

          • Marc-André says:

            Hmmm you made me think there. Even certain types of stairs seem easier upwards than downwards. And in fact there were a few in Japan that were so steep it was easier to decent backwards lol ?

          • foguth says:

            I’ve encountered a few flights of stairs that were at such a steep angle that it felt like I was about to fall down, but it didn’t bother me to climb them…. wasn’t smart enough to think about going down backwards.

  11. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    Great idea. I need to look into something like this for Satchi. He’s constantly trying to escape outside. Given that last time he was outdoors he ended up losing a leg (and then getting adopted by us) you would think he had more sense. A harness and lead would allow us to take him for a stroll in the garden. Peanut has no interest in going outside except I bet he found want to follow Satchi. Two harnesses to investigate then.

  12. pamelaspsychicinsights says:

    Merlin loves going out and meows to go outside at least once a day. It took time and patience to go through the process of him, at the age of six, getting used to being in a harness and having his slave walk him. Now, my little girl, Rhiannon meows to go out. They are getting more exercise, have alone time with their slave woman (I take them out separately unless my mate is home), and it relieves boredom. Both kitties are so much happier, except when a scary plane or truck goes by!

  13. Sara says:

    That is much more stylish than my kitty’s harness. The shelter we adopted him from said he had been rescued from a feral colony (he was about 8 months when we got him) so he was still a kitten. He liked being inside, but would occasionally try to follow us outside. A harness is a great way for him to safely get a taste of outside. If we bring him out enough on the leash, he doesn’t try to sneak out on his own.

    • Marc-André says:

      I wonder if one day it’ll be as common to see cats on leads in cities as it is to see dogs. While of course I too think cats should have the freedom to choose to go outside its just not safe to do so for many of us so a harness is a great alternative

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