Purrsday Poetry: Cats and men

Hi everyone,

Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Luca Tomassoni:

Cats and men

Cats and men.
We live and we survive.
Be a rescuer is hard, we try to save a life, to give another chance to life.
To the world.
We have the same emotions. Fear, pain and loneliness.

We fight together the toughest battles together, in silence.
We fight the toughest battles, won and lost, but we are not afraid to show us in tears.
Despair, anger, joy, without sparing, at any cost.
Without ever being ashamed.
Because in our tears there is the germ of an indomitable passion.
Only men who have the strength not to hide their weaknesses may face the most hateful enemy.
Ourself. Fear and death.
Make the difference. Or try tirelessly.
We are this.

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cats and men

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20 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Cats and men

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  2. lawjic says:

    This by far is the best most all-time and sophisticated writing of poetry EVER published on the blog. There are very few true poets with such a stunningly amazing gift. Fantastic job. If I were judging, you win over EVERY POEM ever posted. Keep up the outstanding work and PLEASE PLEASE DO POST AGAIN. I AM SO SICK OF THE GARBAGE WE GET ON THIS THREAD. IT BELONGS IT THE TRASH: THIS SHOULD BE PUBLISHED AND SOLE. JUST DO IT. I PROMISE YOU, AN EDITOR WILL PUBLISH THIS. BE SURE TO COPY WRIGHT IT AND PROTECT YOUR GOD-GIVEN GIFTS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY FROM THOSE WHO WILL—AND I ASSURE YOU THEY WILL–CLAIM IT AS THEIR WORK. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! Good Luck!

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